Lindiwe Fassie Death, Husband And Family: Brenda Fassie Sister

Who Is Lindiwe Fassie? How Did Brenda Fassie Sister Die?

Who Is Lindiwe Fassie? How Did Brenda Fassie Sister Die?

The late queen of pop sister Lindiwe Fassie death has collapsed her fans and husband. She died at the age of 59.

Fassie was a talented singer in her own right. She had released a solo album titled Waiting for Your Love. 

Well, the late sensation of music was hit by her sister Brenda’s demise. Different people suggested she do cover versions of Brenda’s music, but she refused.

Recently, her fans are getting shocked by her obituary after 10 years of health issues.

Lindiwe Fassie Death: How Did Brenda Fassie Sister Die?

Lindiwe Fassie’s death was confirmed by her brother, Thema Fassie.

The younger sister of the late queen of pop Brenda Fassie died at 59 on Wednesday.

She was survived by her two children until she took her last breathe at her home in KwaLanga in Cape Town.

According to her brother, she had health issues for about 10 years, but it was not that serious enough to kill her.

Moreover, she has had health issues since her sister Brenda died.

Is She Married? Everything On Her Husband

Lindiwe Fassie’s husband was still under the shadow.

Well, she might be married as she was survived by her two children, reports Sowetan Live.

But, there is nothing much about her husband or married life so far on the internet.

Know About Her Family

Lindiwe Fassie had a huge family.

Unfortunately, her father died at her young age. But, her mother was a pianist who made a splash on her interest in music.  Also, her sister Brenda inspired her to music.

Moreover, she had 8 siblings, including her sister Brenda Fassie and her brother Themba Fassie and Solomon Fassie.

Lights On Brenda Fassie Sister

Lindiwe Fassie was late Brenda Fassie sister.

Moreover, her sister, Brenda Fassie, is named the “Queen of African Pop,” the “Madonna of The Townships,” or The Black Madonna.

However, after the death of Brenda due to cardiac arrest, Lindiwe Fassie lost her interest in singing professionally and recording music.

She only used to sang for tourists who visited their house in KwaLanga.

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