Lindsay Winch Age, Height, Boyfriend And Instagram

Lindsay Winch: Get To Know Actress From Love is a Piece of Cake

Lindsay Winch: Get To Know Actress From Love is a Piece of Cake

Lindsay Winch is an actress from Canada, currently on the news for her work in the movie Love is a Piece of Cake.

Quick Facts: Lindsay Winch: Get To Know Actress From Love is a Piece of Cake

Name Lindsay Winch
Age 30-40
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actress
Net Worth $5 million USD
Married/Single Single

Lindsay Winch was interested in reading and writing books from an early age. In fact, she was once writing her own comic books when she was just four years old. Furthermore, her interest in acting started when she was 9 years of age. Lindsay used to make short videos from her father’s camcorder. 

This is the trailer of Love is a Piece of Cake where Lindsay is playing an important role –

10 Facts About Lindsay Winch

  1. Lindsay Winch was born in North Vancouver, Canada.
  2. The exact birth date of Lindsay is not available. However, by looking at her pictures, we can hypothesize her age to be somewhere in the early 30s.
  3. Lindsay Winch is not married to date. Having said that, there are no facts about her husband or her boyfriend.
  4. Lindsay is an actress, most famous for her work in the 2020 movie named Love is a Piece of Cake.
  5. Lindsay Winch has been involved in a lot of movies throughout her career, having earned a good sum of money. However, there is no information on the exact net worth figure.
  6. The actress has a great body with a decent height as she stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.
  7. Winch has long brown hair and brown colored eyes which makes her look beautiful.
  8. Besides acting, Lindsay loves to read books as well as write some comic stories in her free time.
  9. Lindsay Winch is not yet available on Wikipedia. However, her details can be found on various other sources, including her IMDb bio.
  10. Lindsay is not much of a social media personality. In fact, she is not available on any of the social media platforms, neither Instagram nor Twitter.

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