Los Angeles? Age Wikipedia Net Worth and Instagram

Who Is Amanda Scott From Sweet Life: Los Angeles? Age Wikipedia and Instagram Here

Who Is Amanda Scott From Sweet Life: Los Angeles? Age Wikipedia and Instagram Here

Amanda “Scott” Lauren, aged 25, is a PR professional looking to promote Black culture, business, and entrepreneurship in South Los Angeles.

Amanda was announced as one of the cast in the show, Sweet Life: Los Angeles and has confirmed so on her Instagram.

Who Is Amanda Scott From Sweet Life: Los Angeles? Wikipedia

Amanda “Scott” Lauren was born in 1996 in Los Angeles and raised in Chicago. 

She went to El Segundo High School and got her Bachelor’s of Arts from Howard University with the highest distinction.

She was recently cast on Sweet Life: Los Angeles which is set to be aired on August 19, an unscripted series from Issa Rae is set to be a huge Reality show focusing on young, black people pursuing their dreams in the heart of South Los Angeles and an honest and unique look into their struggles and hardships.

Her Career & Goals in the Long term

Amanda has a lot of experience regarding the communication aspect in various companies.

She has worked as a Communication Intern for almost two years, where she gathered experience, and then worked as a Communication Consultant in Wells Fargo, where she was promoted to the Regional Communications Consultant.

She has worked in the Communications department for more than five years of her life and is currently also working in financial services. 

She has started laying the foundation to start her own public relations company and further her own personal goals: to buy back 100 properties in Black communities.

To that end, she has started her own business. She is also a real estate investor and an entrepreneur in her own right.

How much does she make? Net Worth 

Amanda may be outspoken about her passions, but she has spoken very little about her family and personal life.

At the moment, we do not know her Net Worth but considering she is building her own business and is a real state investor, it could be said that she is looking for long-term benefits.

Meet Amanda Instagram

Amanda can be found on Instagram under the username @amandasaidso_.

She is also active on Twitter under the handle name @AmandaaLaurenn.

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