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Mady Dever

Mady Dever

Mady Dever is a gorgeous and very talented actress. She has that edgy and offbeat energy about her which I like about her the most. She has starred in few indie movies and we can safely say that she is somewhat of an indie darling amongst the critics.

The first role she ever was credited for in IMDB was released in 2016 and it was called Finish Line. After that, she has starred in just 2 movies but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done a good job in these movies. Her performances were quite fantastic and she really was noticeable because of her tremendous acting abilities and charming presence.

Name Mady Dever
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Parents Tim Dever and Kathy Dever
Siblings Kaitlyn Dever and Jane Dever
Twitter @madydever

10 Facts On Mady Dever

  1. We don’t know how old Maddy Dever really is. I guess she likes to keep things about her personal life to herself.
  2. Similarly, we also don’t know where she was born but it was somewhere in America.
  3. Moving on, we are unable to find out her zodiac sign and that’s because we can’t find out when she was born. As I said, details about her life are hard to find.
  4. Dever is an actress, writer and she occasionally creates music as well. She is an all-rounder performer in that way.
  5. Moreover, Dever has a Spotify account where she has her songs.  Her songs collection on Spotify is amazing.
  6. She is known for her roles in Tully and Beulahbelle: Raleigh. You may check out her IMDB profile if you want to learn about her entire filmography.
  7. Denver has a tremendous screen presence. However, we have to confess, we don’t know what height she is endowed with.
  8. She is the sister of Kaitlyn Dever and Jane Dever. Her parents are Tim and Kathy Dever.
  9. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia. That’s probably why details about her boyfriend and relationship aren’t out to the general public. 
  10. Dever has 1359 followers on her Twitter handle.

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