Meet Hanh Payton-Juzang And Maxie Juzang 2019

Who Are Johnny Juzang Parents? Nationality And Background

Who Are Johnny Juzang Parents? Nationality And Background

Johnny Juzang parents are involved in the health and finance field. His surname has confused many people, and now his fans are all curious to gain some insights into his personal life. So, let’s get started.

America’s aspiring basketball player, Johnny Juazang is a native from Los Angeles. Though his professional career is yet to flourish, the player has already made his mark in Basketball. His teammates at UCLA claim that he is a legend who has been unfolding in real-time.

Furthermore, Johnny’s impressive gaming talents have put his name in the news spotlight lately.

Meet Johnny Juzang Parents Hanh Payton-Juzang and Maxie Juzang

Johnny Juzang is born to parents Hanh Payton-Juzang and Maxie Juzang.

His father, Maxie, is a CEO in a Healthcare Staffing Company, whereas his mother Hanh serves as a financial advisor.

Likewise, he is not the only child of his parents; he has an elder brother, Christian, and a younger sister, Lauren. Moreover, his brother is also a basketball player.

His Nationality and Ethnicity Explored

Johnny Juzang, being born and raised in the United States, holds American nationality.

Similarly, talking about his ethnicity, he comes from a mixed ethnic background. His mother is Vietnamese, whereas his father comes from a creole (mixed ethnicity) ethnic background.

The UCLA Player Background

UCLA player Johathan Anh Juzang (Johnny Juzanag) is 20 years old as he was born on March 17, 2001.

The player was passionate about basketball since his childhood and later moved forward in his career by playing as a high school player.

His height of 6 feet and 6 inches has been a boon in his basketball career. 

Moreover, after playing some years for his high school, he is now a college student at the University of California and plays for UCLA since 2020. Prior to UCLA, he used to play for Kentucky Wildcats.

Nonetheless, we can also get to know him directly by following him on his Instagram handle @jsilky5.

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