Michael Fanone Wife And Family: DC Officer Video Released

Michael Fanone Wife And Family: New Body Cam Video Released

Michael Fanone Wife And Family: New Body Cam Video Released

Who is Michael Fanone Wife? She might be distressed about the body camera footage of her husband. He was being brutally assaulted in the US Capitol Riot. 

As we go back to January 6, 2021, we remember thousands of rioters creating fierce outrage in the capitol and caused destruction, violence, and murder.

Hundreds of police officers stepped in to save the day; among them, Michael Fanone was the one. He was attacked by a stun gun seized by the mob, which hit a flag pole.

Who Was Michael Fanone? Wikipedia explored

Michael Fanone is a 40-year-old DC police officer. 

He was born on September 3, 1980.

The officer tragically suffered a heart attack during the US Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021, after being tasered multiple times.

He also suffered psychological injuries, brain injuries, and PTSD reports CNN

Fanone was previously operated as a narcotics detective, working undercover as a plain-cloth police officer.

Michael Fanone Wife And Family Details

Michael Fanone was married to his wife, Hsin-Yi-Wang.

Hsin-Yi-Wang, aka Victoria Wang, served as an Executive Assistant and Events Planner.

However, they are not together anymore but share two daughters Piper and Seraphina Ming

According to The Focus, Michael revealed that he has four daughters, but rest of the two daughters’ identity has not been disclosed.

We do not have much information about his current wife or girlfriend as well.

DC Officer Body Cam Video Released

The newly obtained body camera footage shows how Michael Fanone was brutally assaulted while defending the US Capitol Riot on January 6.

The exclusive footage was broadcasted on “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” on Wednesday, captured by Fanone’s body camera.

His screams are audible throughout the early part of the video as one of the rioters can be heard saying, “I got one.”

While it is heart-wrenching to see what happens next in the footage, another rioter interjects as Fanone continues to scream in pain.

Fanone has also pleaded to let him go in the video.

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