Murder of Nicholas Markowitz, What Is He Doing Now?

Jesse Rugge
Jesse Rugge

Jesse Rugge is one of the people who committed the crime of kidnapping and murdering Nicholas Markowitz. Markowitz was only a teenager when he was abducted by Rugge and his other friends for some beef he had with his Markowitz’s half-brother.

He had played the part of the getaway driver in the kidnapping of Nicholas Markowitz. And, he was the one who tied Nicholas’s hands and even helped to Ryan Hoyt bury his body. For the charge of Markowitz’s murder, his trial started in 2002 and got sentenced to life.

Name Jesse Rugge
Birthday November 10
Age 40 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

(9-19-1984 TO 8-9-2000)
(KB-Jesse James Hollywood, Grahm Pressley, William Skidmore,…

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10 Facts on Jesse Rugge

  1. Jesse Rugge (born on 10 November 1979) is one of the murderers of an American teenager, Nicholas Markowitz. His age is 40 years. And, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  2. At the time of Nicholas Markowitz’s murder, Jesse’s age was around 20 years old. 
  3. His interview was taken about his life after having a life sentence. And, he talks about how he’s coping with his misdeeds of past in the present.
  4. On Facebook, a page called Never Forget Stolen Innocence has shared his photos along with other convicts.
  5. Despite Markowitz’s mother began a petition to have his parole denied, he got out of prison on the 24th of October in the year 2013.
  6. Jesse’s parents had divorced which was stated to be one of the reasons why he got misguided by his lawyer.
  7. His bio can be found on the Wiki of Murder of Nicholas Markowitz. And, it has all the details of how inhumanly they murdered Nicholas after abducting him.
  8. He is of American nationality. In addition, he belongs to white ethnicity.
  9. The public didn’t receive his being released from the prison positively because of the heinous crime he had committed.
  10. In the movie, Alpha Dog, his character of Frankie Ballenbacher is portrayed by Justin Timberlake.

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