Name Change To Thomas Forrester

Why Did Thomas Plant Changed His Name? Know His Wife And Family

Why Did Thomas Plant Changed His Name? Know His Wife And Family

Is Jessica Forrester the wife of Thomas Plant? Rumors say that his wife is Jessica. Find out their relationship in this article. 

Thomas is an Auctioneer who is well-known on some of the BBC’s most loved antique programs. He is an auctioneer and TV presenter. 

Previously, Thomas worked as the head of the department within Ceramics, Jewellery, and Silver at Gorringe’s and Phillips and now he also runs his own auction house in Berkshire. 

Along with his partners Neil Shuttleworth and Hugo Marsh, he started Special Action Services in 1991. 

Thomas Plant Wife

As per Newbury Today, Thomas Plant lives locally with his wife.

He is married but has not disclosed the identity of his current life partner.

Thomas lives and works in Newbury, Berkshire which is also the living and working place of Jessica Forrester.

So, there might be a chance that they two are married.

Why Has Thomas Plant Changed His Name?

Thomas Plant has changed his surname to Thomas Forrester

The major supposition of changing his to Thomas Forrester was that he married fellow auctioneer Jessica Forrester and took her name. 

But this supposition has dazed many fans, given that he was previously married to Angela and has two children with her.

But he hasn’t made an official statement that why he changed his surname to Forrester.

Thomas Plant Wedding

Thomas Plant is a married man and father of two children.

Previously, he shared his wedding vows with Angela Plant, who is a TV personality.

They stayed for a decade together and are now separated. But the duo hasn’t disclosed the reason for their separation. 

Thomas and Angela have twin daughters.  

But, for now, he is rumored to be married to his fellow auctioneer Jessica Forrester and changed his surname to Forrester. 

Thomas Plant Bargain Hunt

Thomas is the perfect example of a hustler. As he has struggled a lot in his life, he knows the true meaning of it. 

He is a man of great learning skills who has learned many things about the auction. He worked there for 7 years and has learned business strategies and how to utilize them.

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