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Cassidy Dumbauld

Cassidy Dumbauld

Cassidy Dumbauld is a White House Assistant to President Donald Trump and she has been getting covered on the media recently because she and her husband have been diagnosed with COVID 19. It is suspected that the president got the COVID from Hope Hicks.

She is on the news recently because officials are trying to contact tracing to determine how the president ended up getting coronavirus. Her husband is also a body man to Jared Kushner and has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

She and her husband are one of the well-known couples who are also the staff members in the White House. it sounds too good to be true. Being married and working together closely with the president. However, in this distressing situation, things are a bit hard for them as they could have contracted the virus from the President.

Name Cassidy Dumbauld
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Deputy Assistant of Trump
Salary $158,000
Married/Single Married
Husband Nick Luna
Twitter @CassidyDumbauld

10 Facts On Cassidy Dumbauld

  1. Cassidy Dumbauld looks really young but we don’t know exactly how old she is.
  2. Details about her life haven’t been shared much and thus it is unknown. She only got famous after Trump contracted the virus.
  3. Cassidy is very much in love with Nick Luna and they look wonderful together.
  4. She and Nick recently got married and the date of their union was September 5, 2020.
  5. Nick works as an aide to Jared Kushner whereas Dumbauld is a senior advisor to Jared- Trump’s son in law.
  6. Cassidy has done a remarkable job at assisting Jared and has been featured in articles as well.
  7. We have no information regarding her net worth as she hasn’t told that information to anyone.
  8. Cassidy has an annual salary of $158,000 and also receives raises every year.
  9. Nick and Cassidy don’t have any children yet.
  10. She has 1526 Twitter followers on her Twitter handle.

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