Norm Pattis Wife Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Family And Children

Norm Pattis Wife Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

Norm Pattis Wife Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

Norm Pattis is an infamous American lawyer who is successful and controversial in the USA. He represents people who face powerful people in society. He often voices for individuals against prosecutors in sensitive criminal cases such as high-stakes civil disputes, victims of corporate injustice, and other people who face the loss of liberty or property rights.

 He is an experienced lawyer who has taken over 150 jury trials. In the given article, we will be discussing ten interesting facts about the highly eccentric and daring lawyer Norm Pattis.

Quick Facts: Norm Pattis Wife Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

Name Norm Pattis
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Lawyer

10 Facts On Norm Pattis

  1. Norm Pattis is an American lawyer who is known for taking in excess of 150 court cases.
  2. Ironically, Norm has also found himself in legal trouble as he was sued over $250 K as a retainer fee. The estate of Fotis Dulos claims that he should return the aforementioned amount retainer after his client’s death.
  3. As of now, Norm Pattis’s exact age remains unclear. However, it is known that Norm was raised in a happy American family.
  4. Likewise, his educational details have not been officially verified.
  5. Norm Pattis’s official Wikipedia has not been seen on the internet. But his short bio is covered in these given 10 facts.
  6. Who is he married to? Well, the answer to the question remains a mystery as we do not know his wife‘s name and her background.
  7. On the other hand, Norm Pattis, children’s information remains under the radar.
  8. Besides being an accomplished lawyer, Norm is also a talented author who has written books titled, Taking Back the Courts: What We Can Do to Reclaim Our Sovereignty Norm Pattis and Juries and Justice: Saving a System Under Fire Norm Pattis.
  9. Nonetheless, Norm earns a decent sum of fortune from his profession. In spite of all this, his net worth remains anonymous as of now.
  10. Similarly, Pattis is not active on social media platforms. As such, there are no Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts of him on the internet.

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