Param Sharma Parents Net Worth, Girlfriend And Wikipedia

Who is Influencer Param Sharma? His Parents Net Worth Explored

Who is Influencer Param Sharma? His Parents Net Worth Explored

Param Sharma is an Instagram influencer. Get to know his parents and net worth. Is he arrested? 

An Indian American man, Param Sharma is famous for his Tesla stints that have acquired him a large number of followers on Instagram. The influencer posts videos of himself riding in the backseat of Tesla operating on autopilot.

For his stints, he was arrested in San Francisco once and his Tesla was taken away. But Sharma bought another Tesla and repeated his stint after getting out of jail. Social media users have gone crazy to know his parents and net worth. 

Param Sharma Parents: Everything about his family

Param Sharma hasn’t shared much about his parents until now.

Moreover, his parents are of Indian ethnicity. In one of his old Instagram handles, he has introduced himself as “not just a son of Sikha Sharma.” So possibly, his mother’s name is Sikha. But we have no information about his father. 

An American by nationality, he is currently based in San Francisco, United States. Param comes from Indian heritage and is a first-generation American in his family.


Param Sharma Net Worth And Earnings

Param Sharma’s net worth of around $5 million. 

However, we are still trying to find out what he does for a living. But it looks like his parents are quite rich. In one of his recent interviews, Sharma said “I am very rich.” 

We will update facts about his earnings as soon as possible. 

Param Sharma Age: Meet him on Instagram

Param Sharma is currently just 25 years of age. 

Moroever, he is an Instagram infleuncer. The social media infamous star posts videos of him riding in the backseat of Tesla operated with autopilot. He has gathered around 7000 followers on his current Instagram account.

While Tesla cars do come with an autopilot feature, the company has strictly restricted operating it while in the backseat. The feature is just a hands-on driver assistance system.


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