Paul Whelan Wikipedia, Age And Wife

Paul Whelan Wikipedia – Everything On Former US Marine

Paul Whelan Wikipedia – Everything On Former US Marine

Paul Whelan Wikipedia reveals he is a former US Marine prisoned in Russia at the age of 51. Let us know about his wife and family.

Paul is a former US Marine Corps officer. He received a jail sentence for 16 years after getting arrested in Russia.

Paul Whelan Wikipedia: Former US Marine

Paul Whelan’s Wikipedia bio covers his career and life journey.

Whelan had his bio imprinted on Wikipedia after he rose to the limelight for his case in 2018.

In fact, Paul used to serve as a corporate security director. He worked for the automotive supplier BorgWarner. To point out, he was with the company for almost a year since 2017.

Before that, Whelan worked for the US Marine Corps for around 14 years. He was fired from the job in 2008 for bad conduct. Also, he served in Iraq for the Marine Corps Reserves between 2003 and 2008.

Paul was a staff sergeant in Marine Corps. However, he lost his rank and duty after being convicted for multiple counts of larceny. Also, he was charged with an attempt to steal above $10k in 2006.

Whelan was not worked with the CIA. Russia had suspected him of being a CIA officer.

Paul Whelan Age: How Old Is He?

Paul Whelan age is 51 years old.

He was born in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, on March 5, 1970. In fact, the former marine holds the nationality of four nations that include Canada, the US, the UK, and Ireland.

Not much is known about his childhood and parents. His family included his twin brother named David Whelan. Also, he has another brother named Andrew and a sister named Elizabeth.

In fact, Paul was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Also, he went to Huron High School, where he graduated in 1988.

Paul Whelan Wife and Family

Paul Whelan’s wife is not present.

It means the former marine is not married yet.

Whelan does not have a family of his own. Besides, his family, including his siblings, reportedly were unaware that he was released from Marine with bad conduct.

Was Paul released?

Paul is not released yet.

As per the latest news, Whelan called President Biden to work for his release.

Also, another US marine veteran Trevor Reed is being held in Russia. 

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