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Queenbv59 on Tiktok: Who is the Viral Patriotic Voter?

Queenbv59 on Tiktok: Who is the Viral Patriotic Voter?

Queenbv59 is a viral TikTok user whose video is getting a lot of hype on social media. She is getting a lot of popularity as “The Patriotic Voter.” The Biden supporter made a video on TikTok on how she is ready to go to vote. She shows all of her preparations needed in the video. The video has got over 400k views and 40k likes already within two days. 

Her video started hitting off on TikTok when it was shared by the potential vice president, Kamala Harris’s niece. Besides, Queenbv59 uses RuPaul’s Drag Race theme in her video. It doesn’t take a genius to say that she is a RuPaul fan as well apart from “the patriotic voter.” The general elections are due on November 3, only a fortnight away. And here are a few facts about the woman who is going down as the patriotic voter. 

Name Queenbv59
Gender Female
Nationality American
Tiktok @queenbv59


♬ Everybody get up – tiktok remix

10 Facts on Queenbv59

  1. Queenbv59 is a TikTok user who is going viral all over social media recently. 
  2. Moreover, she is a mystery. Hence, her age is not available at the moment. 
  3. The TikTok user hasn’t used her real name and neither mentioned it anywhere. Her real name is also a mystery.
  4. However, she is getting viral with the other name called “the patriotic voter.” 
  5. Apart from TikTok, she doesn’t seem to be present on any other social networking site, not even an Instagram handle. 
  6. Also, Queenbv59 doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography which is understandable. 
  7. But there are articles written about her all over the internet. 
  8. The TikTok star currently has over 3000 followers on TikTok. They are rising rapidly after she recently gained fame. 
  9. The TikTok video “Get out and Get your just” has collected more than 400k views already. It is liked more than 40k times as well. 
  10. Apart from that, Queenbv59 has an article on famous websites such as TMZ and HITC. 

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