Ray Park Daughter Age, Wiki, Instagram, Birthday

Sienna Park: Ray Park Daughter Age, Wiki, Instagram, Birthday

Sienna Park: Ray Park Daughter Age, Wiki, Instagram, Birthday

Ray Park’s daughter Sienna Park was a relatively unknown figure before the incident that shook the fans, in late July 2020, Ray has been accused of posting revenger p*rn of his wife and neglecting his daughter as well as abusing her. 

As things are still developing, there is little to no information about his daughter in the public domain but we have compiled some facts about Sienna.

Talking about her work-life, she is yet to reveal the information to the public and the media. 

Ray, on the other hand, is one of the most influential actors in the world-famous for his role in the Star Wars franchise. 

10 Facts About Ray Park’s Daughter Sienna Park

  1. She is the daughter of famous actor Ray Park and his estranged wife Lisa Park
  2. Sienna also has a brother named Rokko as per IMDb. 
  3. Her mother works as a fitness instructor and regularly uses Instagram and other social media to post her work. 
  4. Recently (in late July 2020), a video was posted on Ray’s Instagram page which depicted his wife performing oral s*x. 
  5. The video was deemed to be revenge p*rn and a form of spousal abuse via cyberbullying as accusations of Lisa cheating on Ray had surfaced not long ago, however, according to Heavy, Lisa has dismissed the claims. 
  6. It was on the platform for about 30 minutes before it was taken down, which led fans to believe it may have been a hacking incident. 
  7. Sienna allegedly posted a video online berating her father for neglect and abuse. 
  8. In the video, she reportedly also talked about how he abused her mother, Lisa.
  9.  According to Distractify, Lisa has denied claims that Sienna ever said such things. 
  10. While Ray is yet to give out an official statement he has gone viral on Twitter and other social media. 

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