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What Happened To Esther Dingley? Skull And Body Remains Were Found

What Happened To Esther Dingley? Skull And Body Remains Were Found

Esther Dingley wiki has been updated after her boyfriend discovers her final remains. Here’s what you should know about her possible murder.

Esther was a British woman who disappeared in November 2020. Reportedly, she was a traveler and blogger.

Well, she loved doing yoga and meditation. Unfortunately, today, she is no more with us, and we send our condolences to her family and friends.

Read Esther Dingley Wiki – What Happened To Her?

Esther Dingley earned Wikipedia after her death. You will be able to access the wiki Death of Esther Dingley with a simple Google search.

She was reported missing on November 22, 2020. At that time, Esther’s age was 37 years old.

If she had been alive today, she would have reached 38 years. Moreover, she was born to a French family in Pic de Sauvegarde.

Indeed, Esther’s parents are devastated by her passing. Hope God gives them the strength and courage to overcome this difficult period.

The French-British hiker was very active on her Instagram page. Even today, the account stands with more than 600 followers.

Well, her last post on social media was on October 23, 2020. Just a month later, she disappeared suddenly, and the possibility is that she was murdered.

Furthermore, Esther’s account has been receiving hundreds of messages. So naturally, everyone is saddened by her latest news and wishes to pass their condolences.

Meet Esther Dingley Boyfriend: Where Is He Now?

Esther Dingley was dating Daniel Colegate since 2014. Her boyfriend is an amid traveler just like her.

Reportedly, they met for the first time at Wadham College and dated for almost 20 years. Moreover, they had hiked around Europe together since 2014.

The couples were popular for living in a campervan and blogging about the experience. They had started their journey after some serious incidents happened in their life.

Well, Esther and her partner were supposed to get married. However, they canceled their wedding after Daniel suffered from depression.

Later, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Moreover, her fiance nearly died after necrotizing fasciitis during surgery.

In the late October 2020, the pair finished their 80-day unbroken hiking trek. Six days from then, Esther decided to go on a solo trip in her campervan.

Well, the duo did text each other until November 22. Then, Daniel filed a police case on November 25, the day she was supposed to return.

British Hiker Esther Dingley Skull And Body Was Found

Esther Dingley’s skull was found on July 23, 2021. Two weeks later, Daniel found her remaining body remains and equipment on August 9.

Last February, her better half was convinced that someone had gone against her will. Moreover, he believes that some hunters might have killed her.

As of now, there is no official news regarding her cause of death. However, a proper investigation is going on, and there will be an update very soon.

RIP: Esther On Reddit

Esther Dingley has received RIP messages on Reddit. Also, her demise has been trending all over social media.

Finally, her family will be able to perform her funeral. Certainly, her soul will find peace once the murder investigation is complete.

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