RJ Messenger Net Worth, Wife Age And Wikipedia: Undercover Billionaire

RJ Messenger Net Worth: How Much Does Undercover Billionaire Star Make?

RJ Messenger Net Worth: How Much Does Undercover Billionaire Star Make?

RJ Messenger has probably made a substantial net worth as an actor and reality star. His lavish lifestyle sums it all. The wealthiness continues in his love life, too, since his wife is Jamie Messenger from Iron Empire Clothing.

Messenger is known for the movie Night Of The Living Dead: Rebirth. Also, he is in the very famous Discovery Channel’s show, Undercover Billionaire. 

He became a partner of the owner of this show Glenn Stearns. Now, they have started their BBQ brand Underdog BBQ.

Now, RJ Messenger is the director of sauces, rubs, and apparel in Underdog BBQ. He is the co-owner of the local clothing brand Iron Empire Clothing

RJ Messenger’s Net Worth

There is no valid information about RJ Messenger’s net worth.

He has led his entrepreneurship in several fields, including the famous brand Underdog BBQ. Similarly, he is also a co-owner of the local clothing brand of Erie, Iron Empire Clothing, alongside his wife, Jamie.

Looking at his portfolio, we can assume that his net worth is in millions.

He is an actor and also a reality tv star. He is best known for his movie Night of The Living Dead: Rebirth and the Discovery Channel’s show Undercover Billionaire: season two

RJ Messenger’s Wife

RJ Messenger is married to Jamie Messenger

She is also a co-owner of Iron Empire Clothing. 

He frequently posts his photos with her. They seem happy and so much in love with each other.

RJ Messenger Age

RJ Messenger is now 32 years old. 

He was born somewhere around 1988, but the actual date of his birth remains under the radar.

Messenger is a native of the Erie region.

Is He On Wikipedia?

Messenger has not been listed on Wikipedia yet. 

He is an actor, reality tv star, and businessman, but he prefers to be an entrepreneur.

Besides acting, he is also a social activist and has donated several funds from his business Iron Empire Clothing for a good cause.

RJ has mentioned himself as an entrepreneur on his Instagram and Facebook bio. Click here for his Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

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