Who is October Evans Tiktok? Controversy Age And Instagram

Who is  October Evans Tiktok? Real Name And Instagram Bio

Who is  October Evans Tiktok? Real Name And Instagram Bio

October Evans TikTok has been deleted after she got into a controversy. To know more about her wrong deeds, read below.

Evans is a deaf, non-binary and trans musician. Her new single, Sleeping Awake, is releasing on May 30. 2021.

She is a multi-instrumentalist and ASl Music performer in her self-solo project and acoustic lead/rhythm guitarist Paul Kinman.

October Evans Age: How Old?

October Evans is 28 years of age. 

She is a trans woman who is a self-employed freelancer entrepreneur who has been traveling worldwide to create music.

Her exact date of birth cannot be accessed as of now. 

As per her Facebook bio, his real name is October Evans.

However, we know nothing about her nationality, net worth, and Wikipedia details as she seems to hide her real identity from the world.

October Evans Tiktok and Instagram Explored

October Evans TikTok has recently been removed from the web.

However, we know that he used to put up his musical creations on Tiktok. 

Evans was also present on Twitter as @_OctoberEvans_

We are sorry to say that his Twitter account doesn’t exist at the moment.

October Evans Instagram account @deafvermontergrrrl is also disabled as of now.

Nonetheless, he is on Pinterest with an active profile.

What Is October Evans Controversy About?

People worldwide are curiously searching about the October Evans Controversy. 

Seeing all her social media accounts deleted or disabled definitely hint that she has been into something severe. However, we are not able to dig out everything at the moment.

However, we can see Tiktok videos of @azure_w saying that October Evans is a dangerous person.


Be careful of October Evans @glassmenagerie @outing.a.serial.abuser (Not my original video)

♬ original sound – Azure

In the video, she mentions that Evans is a racist and should be avoided at all costs. She claims that October has been stalking and harassing her friend, Jane Doe.

On the other hand, Jane is waiting for legal documentation to pull through before she comes forward. 

Furthermore, they have well over 20 victims who are all BIPOC, LGBT, Deaf, Disabled.

Also, she mentions in one of her videos that October uses multiple accounts for stalking and harassing people. 

She had been mushed up in controversies since 2019. Some of the tweets revealed that she had been masquerading as an organization to steal money through well-meaning donations.

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