Aadam Hamed Age Height And Wikipedia

How Old Is Naseem Hamed Son Aadam Hamed? Get To Know Him Ahead Of Pro Boxing Debut

How Old Is Naseem Hamed Son Aadam Hamed? Get To Know Him Ahead Of Pro Boxing Debut

A 21 years of age, Aadam Hamed is following his dad, Prince Naseem Hamed, in his boxing career.     

Aadam Hamed is training to be the finest boxers, just like his father, a former professional British boxer. He is aiming to be a professional this year with all the training that he has been doing.    

Aadam Hamed Wikipedia- Who Is He?

Aadam Hamed is not featured on Wikipedia yet, except his name is on his father’s page.

Aadam is the son of famous former professional boxer Naseem Hamed nicknamed, Prince Naseem. He is following his career just like his father in boxing.

He has posted several training videos on his social media account, which made the boxing fans even more eager to watch his performance. 

Aadam has inherited his father’s fleet footedness, which he posted in one of his videos on social media. His training videos of boxing have made fans search for the similarity between his father and him.    

Aadam Hamed Age- How Old Is Naseem Hamed Son?

Aadam Hamed is 21 years as of 21. However, his birth date is not the available moment. He is a son of 47 years, Naseem Hamed, a former professional boxer. As his birth date is not available, his sun sign is also unavailable. 

Aadam Hamed Height and Family

Unlike his father, Naseem Hamed, who is 5ft 4 1/2 inches tall, Aadam is 5ft 10 inches tall.   

Aadam is a lightweight in boxing. He weighs 61kg (135 pounds) that falls under the class of lightweight. 

Aadam’s father is a former British professional boxer, Naseem Hamed, and his mother’s name is Eleasha Hamed.

Naseem is a renowned British boxer who played in the rings from 1992 to 2002. He is a featherweight class in the boxing championships, and throughout his boxing career, he has won many titles.

He is famous for his personality of teasing the opponent. As a renowned boxing player, everyone is looking forward to the performance of his son Aadam Hamed as a professional boxer. The information about his mother is not available except for the pictures. 

Adam has his brother named Sami Hamed. He has a good relationship with his brother as several posts on his Instagram are with his brother. 

Aadam Hamed Girlfriend & Instagram

Aadam Hamed’s relationship status is not available at the moment. Although, he doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend. 

Aadam is very active in his Instagram account @aadam.hamed. He has 53.1k followers on his Instagram account, where he mostly posts his training videos. His fans are growing as he is aiming to be a professional boxer this year. 

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