Rob Hersov Net Worth, Wife and Wikipedia: Invest Africa CEO Salary

Rob Hersov Net Worth And Wife: Everything On Invest Africa CEO

Rob Hersov Net Worth And Wife: Everything On Invest Africa CEO

Rob Hersov Net Worth: How much is Invest Africa CEO net worth? Stay with the article to find out more.

Rob Hersov is the Chairman and CEO of Invest Africa. The successful entrepreneur sold his private jet business to Warren Buffett. Rob is currently planning to build a world-class airport in Cape Town.

Rob Hersov Net Worth Revealed

Rob Hersov’s net worth is in billions.

Hersov is also an entrepreneur, investor, chairman, and partner of African Capital Investments. Rob is the managing partner of Sapinda UK, Chairman of Adoreum Partners, and VistaJet Advisory Board.

Rob Hersov earnings include a fortune of salary by investing in many projects and companies in Africa. Rob has multiple businesses in several African regions. 

Rob Hersov Wife And Wikipedia

Rob Hersov’s former wife is Kim Hersov.

Kim is a model and fashion editor at Harper and Queens Magazine. Rob Hersov has two children with his ex-wife Kim Hersov. Their children, Alexander Hersov was born in 1996, and Luke Hersov was born in 1999. Kim has another child, Aidan Reigate who was born in 2008, with her current partner Barry Reigate. 

Rob Hersov is not on Wikipedia, but one can read his bio on a few Wiki-bio pages. Hersov’s nationality is South African

Quick Facts:

Name Rob Hersov (Robert Hersov)
Birthday 1961
Age 60 years
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Profession Businessman
Parents Basil Hersov, Antoinette Hersov
Children Alexander Hersov, Luke Hersov
Divorce Kim Hersov
Education Harvard Business School

Some Facts You Didn’t Know About Rob Hersov

  1. Rob Hersov went to the University of Cape Town for his BBS degree. Hersov graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA degree.
  2. Talking about his family, Rob’s father is Basil Hersov and his mother is Antoinette Hersov. Rob came from a family of businessmen.
  3. Hersov’s age is 60 years in 2021, as he was born in the year 1961. His full name is Robert Hersov.
  4. Rob Hersov lived 31 years away from South Africa and he is now back to focus on the investments in the region, reports Business Tech.
  5. According to MyBroadBand, Hersov is all set to build a new airport in Cape Town, South Africa.

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