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Judge Robert Katzmann Died At 68, Who Are His Wife And Family

Judge Robert Katzmann Died At 68, Who Are His Wife And Family

Who is Robert Katzmann wife? She is a media personality Jennifer Callahan. 

Katzmann was an American judge and attorney. He rose to fame after former US president Bill Clinton nominated him as a judge in 1999.

Sadly, he has recently passed away after battling a long-term illness. 

Who is Robert Katzmann Wife? Meet Jennifer 

Robert Katzmann was married to his wife Jennifer Callahan

Jennifer is a talented filmmaker, writer, and editor. Similarly, she supported her husband until his last days.

Katzmann never reported any children.

Despite his high position, the judge was very secretive about his personal life. He rarely let the outside world invade his privacy. 

Sadly, Robert Katzmann passed away from Pancreatic cancer on June 9, 2021, at the age of 68. 

Everything On Family and Early Life 

Robert Katzmann was born in an immigrant family.

His father was a Nazi refugee, and his mother was a child of Russian immigrants. Likewise, his parents taught him and his siblings to treat people with kindness and dignity from an early age. 

Katzmann attended Columbia and Harvard to pursue his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, respectively.

In the like manner, he also graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from Harvard University.

Eventually, Robert focused his career on law and attended the prestigious Yale Law School. In 1980, he was awarded his Juris Doctor degree.

How Much Net Worth Did He Own?

Robert Katzmann yielded a decent net worth, which is still under review.

Katzmann was serving as the senior United States circuit judge for the second circuit. The job is estimated to come with a yearly salary of $223,700.

Before this, Robert worked as a chief judge (2013-2020). Furthermore, his earnings were over $260K in the position.

Over the years, he had won awards like the Learned Hand Medal from the Federal Bar Council, Fuld Award from New York State Bar Association, and many more.  

We are unfortunate to hear about his death and send prayers to the family.

Though he may have passed away, his teaching will stay in the American roots. Thank You. 

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