Roman Protasevich Wikipedia Age And Net Worth: Why Was He Arrested?

Why Was Roman Protasevich Arrested? Everything To Know About The Blogger

Why Was Roman Protasevich Arrested? Everything To Know About The Blogger

Roman Protasevich is a blogger and journalist. Get to know his Wikipedia and Age. Why was he arrested?

The Ryanair flight that was bound to the Romanian Capital, Vilnius has been hijacked and forced to land in Minsk. The Belarus Authoritarian President, Alexander Lukashenko gave the order to change the course of the plane. 

It has come to light that Roman Protasevich, a blogger was among those who rebelled against Lukashenko in 2020 was in the plane. So, it was made to land in Minsk to arrest the blogger. 

Many have called it an act of state terrorism. 

Roman Protasevich Wikipedia Bio: Get to know the blogger

Roman Protasevich doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography of his own. 

Nonetheless, he is quite a famous figure on social media and television as well. Roman world for the influential telegram channels, Nexta and Nexta Live. 

Moreover, he used the platform to aware people of the Authoritarian president, Alexander Lukashenko. As a result, he was arrested in Minsk as the president used his military to force the plane down. 

Such an act is considered state terrorism and the European Union is set to have a meeting to discuss the incident. 

But then again, Alexander Lukashenko is often considered, by many, the last European dictator. 

Roman Protasevich Age: How old?

Roman Protasevich’s age remains under review at the moment. 

Looking at his online photos, Roman seems to be in his 30s tops. 

A Lithuanian by nationality, he currently resides in Vilnius, Lithuania. He celebrates his birthday on May 5 every year. 

Roman Protasevich Net Worth And Earnings

Roman Protasevich hasn’t shared any details about his net worth and earnings until now. 

He was arrested because he protested against the Belarus authoritarian government in the 2020 elections. As a result, he was considered a terrorist by the Belarus government. 

Hence, Roman Protasevich may face from 15 years in prison to the death penalty as per Belarus law. However, authorities all around Europe are demanding his immediate release. 

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