Sandra Caldwell Actress Wikipedia, Age, Bio, Ig: Is she Transgender?

Sandra Caldwell
Sandra Caldwell

Sandra Caldwell is known as an actress as she has appeared in many television, movies and has also made many stage appearances. She is a very well-known media personality. At first, she started her career as a showgirl in New York where she got the golden opportunities to travel all around the world.

Name Sandra Caldwell
Age 51 years
Gender Transgender
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession Actress
Instagram @sandrareneecaldwell

After traveling all around the globe she later went to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While she was in Canda she began to write and starred in “The Guide to Being Fabulous After You’ve Skinned Your Knee” which is a one-woman based show. During this time Sandra was seen accepting she was a transgender publicly.

After accepting to be a transgender she auditioned for off-Broadway play “Charm” where she auditioned for the role of transgender. Her details are available in IMDb. In 2020 she was seen talking about transgender representation in “Disclosure” which is a Netflix Documentary.

10 Facts About Sandra Caldwell:

  1. Sandra Caldwell is well-known as an actress who has appeared on various shows like The Cheetah Girls, Double Wedding, Down in the Delta, etc. 
  2. No Wikipedia page has been made under her name so far.
  3. According to some of the reports, Sandra has reached 51 years of age lately.
  4. Since she is a popular actress, her bio can be found almost anywhere on the internet. 
  5. She is popularly known on Instagram with her username @sandrareneecaldwell. 
  6. She is actually known as a transgender who came out as another gender personality when she wrote a television series named ‘The Guide to Being Fabulous After You’ve Skinned Your Knee’. 
  7. She has very recently appeared in the movie named Disclosure. 
  8. This popular actress has not shared anything related to her partner yet.
  9. From her bio, we know that she was a traveler before and she had actually kicked off her career as a showgirl in New York. 
  10. There is also not much to know about her family members. 

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