Sarah McCombie Bill Turnbull Wife Age, Wikipedia And Net Worth

Who is Sarah McCombie? Everything On GMB Bill Turnbull Wife And Family

Who is Sarah McCombie? Everything On GMB Bill Turnbull Wife And Family

Sarah McCombie and Bill Turnbull are married for more than three decades. Learn every possible thing about Turnbull wife in the article given below. 

Bill is a journalist and tv presenter on BBC. He was a presenter of BBC Breakfast. 

He is now returning to the program Good Morning Britain.

Who is Sarah McCombie?

Sarah McCombie is the wife of a famous English journalist and BBC tv presenter Bill Turnbull

They got married in March 1988 in the London Borough of Hackney.

They have successfully spent more than three decades and are still together.

The Sun has three children together: two sons, Harry and Will (born in 1988 and 1989 respectively). Also, they have a daughter Flora (born in 1991). 

Bill mentioned Sarah has always supported him on his ups and downs. He even shared her struggles when he was diagnosed with cancer with his teary eyes.

Sarah Used to work in British Forces Broadcasting. She was a newsroom editor. There is no more information about her job.

It is unknown how long she worked there and currently works or not.

Sarah McCombie Wikipedia and Age

Unlike her husband, Sarah McCombie is not listed on Wikipedia.

She is less known to the public and the media, and her information is only found along with her husband’s profile.

Moreover, McCombie’s age is not mentioned anywhere.

She might be in between her late fifties or early sixties.

She used to live in Buckinghamshire with her husband. Later they moved to Rainow in Cheshire.

Talking about her husband, he is already listed on the official page of Wikipedia. 

Bill Turnbull is an English journalist and tv presenter on BBC. Moreover, he is an RJ and also an author.

Now he is making his return back in the show Good Morning Britain. He has written a book named The Bad Beekeepers Club.

What Is Sarah’s Net Worth?

There is no valid information about Sarah’s net worth.

She might have earned well to support herself and the family.

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