Shafiqua Maloney Age Height, Parents And Nationality

Olympics: How Old Is Shafiqua Maloney? Parents And Nationality Explored

Olympics: How Old Is Shafiqua Maloney? Parents And Nationality Explored

Flag bearer Shafiqua Maloney is 22 years old aged Olympic runner. She is representing her nationality of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Getting a chance to compete in the Olympics is a dream for any athlete. Likewise, carrying your nation’s flag is an even greater achievement. 

This time Razorback athlete Shafiqua Maloney carried her flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Tokyo 2020. She was accompanied by another Razorback, Gaby Lopez, from Mexico. 

Shafiqua Maloney Age: How Old Is Olympics Flag bearer?

Shafiqua Maloney is 22 years of age and an Olympic runner. 

Besides the opportunity to run in the Olympics track, Maloney also got the honor to be a flag bearer. The athlete carried her country flag on the Parade of Nations portion in Tokyo 2020. 

Shafiqua Maloney represented her nationality of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

St. Vincent was in No. 97 in the order of the parade. Though no fans were allowed in the stadium due to the COVID-19 protocols, there were around 10,000 spectators including sponsors, delegates, and the Olympic Committee.

Maloney is among the only 3 athletes who are representing St Vincent this year. The other two Olympians are swimmers Shane Cadoga and Mya de Freitas. 

Shafiqua Maloney Height

Shafiqua Maloney stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

Similarly, she weighed around 133lbs or 60kg during her last measurements. Furthermore, her body is muscular from all the running practices that she does.

Originally from Richard park in St. Vincent, Maloney started her career as a runner for Verchilds High school in Southern Illinois. Shortly after her graduation, she joined the Razorback track team at the University of Arkansas.

As a Razorback, the track star competed in the NCAA 400m West Prelims qualifier. Similarly, she also achieved her lifetime best in 400m (54.05) and 200m (24.01). 

We speculate that Shafiqua Maloney is bagging a decent net worth as an Olympic level athlete. It is estimated that runners can earn $10K to $60K annually. Therefore, Shafiqua Maloney’s salary must be around similar numbers. 

Meet Shafiqua Maloney Parents 

Shafiqua Maloney considers her parents as her greatest mentor.

Previously, Shafiqua has frequently thanked her family for their support. Besides, she is also a loving sister to her two siblings.

On July 30, 2021, Maloney will be competing in the 800-meter race at the Tokyo Olympics.

A total of 9 athletes are representing the Razorbacks this year. Among them, Maloney and Mexican Gaby Lopez were the lucky flag bearers.

Shafiqua is ready to make her country proud this year. In fact, St Vincent has never won the Omplypic medal before. Could the track runner make history?

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