What Is Jeanetta Jones Death Cause? Age & Husband

Weather Presenter Jeanetta Jones Death Cause – How Did She Die?

Weather Presenter Jeanetta Jones Death Cause – How Did She Die?

Everybody is trying to find Jeanetta Jones’s obituary. No need to worry as we have reported her death cause in this artifact.

Journalist Jeanetta was a weather reporter who worked for The Weather Channel for many years. Well, she was one of the earliest meteorologists in the United States.

Her work as a staple in the early days of TWC is very famous. Reportedly, she had worked there from 1986 to 2006.

Jeanetta Jones Obituary In Words

Reading Jeanetta Jones’s obituary will bring tears to your eyes. She passed away on August 16, 2021.

A few hours back, her death was just a rumor. However, we have accumulated the right report and can confirm that she is no more.

The entire Celebpie team mourns for her death. She was an excellent reporter who inspired many journalists worldwide.

We are extremely sorry for Jeanetta’s friends and family. Hopefully, God gives them strength at this difficult moment of their life.

Some unofficial sites have already published her obituary. However, we are yet to hear from her family members.

Indeed, we need to provide her loved ones privacy right now. Certainly, they will publish the news online very soon.

Well, TWC is sure to give tribute to Jones’ death. However, they haven’t revealed about such a ceremony yet.

What Is Jeanetta Jones Death Cause?

Jeanetta Jones’s death cause is COVID-19 complications. She had tested positive for the deadly virus just a few days back.

Apart from that, we do not believe she was facing difficulties from any other disease. Indeed, her health was very bad when she died of COVID. 

Although Jeanetta is no more, her works will forever remain in our hearts. She has been an example to many weather reporters and will continue to be an inspiration to many in the future.

Get To Know Jeanetta Jones Age

Jeanetta Jones’s age hasn’t come to the spotlight yet. There are many details yet to be revealed about the journalist.

As per our predictions, Jones was above 60 years old. Right now, there’s nothing to know about her birthday too.

However, we can confirm that she was born to her parents in Plainview, Texas. Unfortunately, we can’t find her bio on Wikipedia.

Who Is Jeanetta Jones Husband? Everything About Her Family

Jeanetta Jones was married to her husband, Lenny. Reportedly, they were married for almost 25 years.

Talking about her children, she is survived by her daughter, Rebecca. We pray for Rebecca and her entire family.

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