Sirena Gulamgaus Age, Birthday, Instagram: 10 Facts on Parents

Sirena Gulamgaus Age: 10 Facts To Know About

Sirena Gulamgaus Age: 10 Facts To Know About

Sirena Gulamgaus is a famous actress. She is well-known for her Transplant, Orphan Black, Hellmington, Conviction. She is a young child actress. She has not only played in movies a but she has also appeared in many TV series. She is popular among the children as well as among the youngsters.

Sirena Gulamgaus started acting at the age of 6. She started acting from “Winter” which was a short movie. The audience didn’t notice her in this movie. She is loved and praised by her fans. She loves acting which is shown form her movie Winter. She loves playing games, watching movies, etc.

Name Sirena Gulamgaus
Age 9-10 years old
Gender female
Height 4 feet 1 inch
Weight 32-35kg
Nationality Asian
Ethnicity Afghani-Canadian
Siblings 3 siblings
Net Worth $200 thousand
Salary $1 thousand
Married/Single Single
Instagram @sirena.gulamgaus

10 Facts on Sirena Gulamgaus:

  1. Sirena Gulamgauss’s birthplace and her date of birth are unknown among us. But we are sure that she is around 9-10 years old.
  2. Her height is 4 feet 1 inch tall and talking about her weight she maybe 32-35 kg and her other body measurements are not mentioned.
  3. Talking about her nationality, she in Afghani-Canadian and talking about her ethnicity she is an Asian.
  4. Sirena Gulamgaus has not disclosed any information related to her family and friends. She may want to keep her life personal.
  5. Yes, She has got siblings. She has three siblings but their names are not mentioned but one of them is Nootam Gulamgauss who is also an actor.
  6. Sirena Gulamgaus has not mentioned her salary or other sources of income. Her net worth is around $200 thousand and her salary is $1 thousand.
  7. Going through her relationship status she is single. She is a student and she is busy with her Academic life.
  8. She has mentioned that she got inspired after watching her brother movie. And after that, she thought to be an actress.
  9. She is studying but has not mentioned from where she has been schooling.
  10. Sirena Gulamgaus does not have lots of followers on Instagram. She has around 291 followers on Instagram.

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