Teezo Touchdown Age Wiki, Real Name and Net Worth

Teezo Touchdown Age: Everything To Know About The Rapper

Teezo Touchdown Age: Everything To Know About The Rapper

Find out Teezo Touchdown age, who is a Texas native. His music, fashion and visuals are somehow both consistent and unpredictable.

Teezo Touchdown is a creative rapper, and unlike any artist you have heard of. 

Teezo doesn’t take himself too seriously. Notwithstanding this approach, he also puts out honest, authentic, and incredibly catchy music.

Besides his high-quality music, Teezo’s Visual Identity is equally attention-grabbing and fascinating.  

His dressing sense and appearance are quite unique to him as well. 

His recent single “Rooting for You’ featuring himself as a mascot, is a guitar-driven alternative-pop song with uplifting lyrics and a signature catchy Teezo hook.

As no surprise, his video is catchy, wired, fun, and impossible to get distracted.

Quick Facts:

Name Teezo Touchdown
Birthday November 1
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Musical Artist
Instagram teezotouchdown
Twitter @TeezoTouchdown
Youtube Teezo Touchdown

Teezo Touchdown Age: How old is he?

Teezo’s exact age is not available since he keeps his personal affairs secret to the amount that his real name was also not revealed before.

His real name is said to be Tony, not knowing his surname.

But after some digging, we came to find out that he celebrates his birthday on November 1.

Teezo Touchdown Net Worth

Teezo Touchdown’s net worth is hard to assess because he is new to the music field as a music artist, and there is no official source citing his net worth.

Whether he is rich or not, his music earns him money or not. He is bound to be successful and reach stardom and fame soon due to his unique music and identity.

Teezo Touchdown Wiki and Bio

Teezo is yet to have him featured on the wiki page, but here is a short bio on him.

Teezo is an American native from Beaumont, Texas, and he belongs to the black ethnicity.

He does all the work, producing, recording, and editing on his own. 

In one interview, he says. It was out of necessity. “It comes when you’re in a room by yourself and your resources are limited,” Teezo later told me. “So you just DIY and put what you have together with the skills that you’ve learned and put it into what you’re doing.”

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