TikTok: Haneen Hossam Age, Wikipedia

TikTok: Haneen Hossam Age, Wikipedia – Viral Video On Instagram

TikTok: Haneen Hossam Age, Wikipedia – Viral Video On Instagram

TikTok star Haneen Hossam got jailed after the viral video on Instagram. Learn more about her via Wikipedia

Haneen is an Egyptian TikTok star who has gained massive fan-following on various social media platforms. 

The girl was one of the five Egyptian influencers who had been jailed last year in July.

Recently, she and the other four were charged with additional charges of human trafficking, which resulted in her getting 10-years of prison time.

TikTok: Haneen Hossam Arrested

Haneen Hossam is a TikTok star with over 926.5k followers on her account @haniinhossam11.

The young influencer has amassed over a total of 7.2 million likes on her videos. 

She was often seen with Mawaddah Al-Adham, a fellow Egyptian TikToker, on her posts and videos. 

Haneen and Mawaddah Al-Adham, along with three others, had been arrested in July 2020. 


وحشتوني اول فيديو بعد ٤ شهور غياب مفيش وحشتينا؟🥀❣️##هرم_مصر

♬ original sound – HaneenHossam❤️هرممصر

The reason behind their arrest was the influencer posting a video that teaches women to earn over US$3,000 by broadcasting videos. 

According to the court, they have incited debauchery and harmed Egyptian values. 

The five were released in February this year after 8 months in jail but now have been charged with human trafficking. 

Hani Sameh, her lawyer, revealed that she had been absent during the hearing and was given the longest sentence out of the five: 10 years. 

Moreover, the others were sentenced to 6 years of prison time, with all of them fined 200,000 Egyptian pounds. 

Haneen Hossam Age and Wikipedia

Haneen Hossam’s age is 20 years old. 

Her exact birthdate has not been revealed yet. 

Likewise, Mawaddah is 23 years of age. 

As of now, Haneen has not been featured in Wikipedia.

Haneen Hossam’s Viral Video on Instagram

After the hearing, Haneen Hossam shared a viral video on Instagram, crying for help.

Her account @haneenhossam.official has over 132k followers who seem to be increasing by the hour since the release of the said video.

The young influencer called out for the president, saying his daughter is dying and how she had been wrong.

Now, many viewers and followers are hoping and demanding for her release, outraged by the case. 

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