Timepiece Gentleman Vanished – Were Marco Nicolini And Anthony Farrer Arrested?

Timepiece Gentleman Vanished – What Happened To Marco Nicolini And Anthony Farrer?

Timepiece Gentleman Vanished – What Happened To Marco Nicolini And Anthony Farrer?

Timepiece Gentleman has vanished. Were the owners Marco Nicolini and Anthony Farrer arrested? Find Out.

Imagine having 111k youtube subscribers and 40k Instagram followers and disappearing one day! This is not a movie plot. It has actually happened with Timepiece Gentleman.

The company which claimed millions of dollars in fortune is nowhere to be found now.

Timepiece Gentleman Vanished

It seems like Timepiece Gentleman has vanished!

Timepiece Gentleman was launched around the end of November 2017. The company alleged to “procure the most sought out and make high-end watches.” 

Over time, the Timepiece became a social media sensation – everywhere from Instagram to Youtube. From flashy to expensive watches, it ruled the watch market while based in Dallas.

Using social media power, the owners even crowdfunded $2,000 from their followers. They had alleged that only 1,000 lucky followers willing to pay the money would get watches at wholesale prices.

However, the not-so gentlemen owners, Marco Nicolini and Anthony Farrer, have now vanished with millions in the bank.

Were Marco Nicolini And Anthony Farrer Arrested?

There would be no reports if Marco Nicolini and Anthony Farrer were arrested.

Anthony was the first to open the company in 2017. Apparently, he is an ex-convict and felon.

Likewise, Marco later joined in 2018, who was reportedly a young Dallas-based vintage Rolex dealer. Together they claimed that Timepiece Gentlemen was $10 Million.

However, even the owners have disappeared now. Both of their social media accounts are deactivated.

In fact, no one knows the whereabouts of Nicolini and Farrer yet. Furthermore, the other members like Mike Rudin and Dylan Robinson are also absent.

What Happened to Timepiece Gentleman?

Timepiece Gentleman store is also shut down.

The shop was located across from the famous Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas, Texas. Today, only the faint lettering of the shop in the glass door is visible from outside.

The whole existence of Timepiece Gentleman has vanished like a Thanos snap. Even the official website seems broken.

Nevertheless, the YouTube channel is still running. The last video was posted on June 25, 2021.

There are many theories on what happened to Timepiece. Some speculate that this is just a PR stunt to rebrand the company. While others believe the owners might be scammers.

The full investigation of the case is still under the way. 

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