Una Stubbs Cliff Richard Relationship Explored

Una Stubbs Apparently Had An Affair With Cliff Richard – A Relationship Timeline

Una Stubbs Apparently Had An Affair With Cliff Richard – A Relationship Timeline

Una Stubbs had an affair with Cliff Richard. Would you mind reading below to learn about their relationship timeline?

On August 12, 2021, Una passed away after several months of illness. She was a respected actress and television personality.

Her popular shows are Wordgel GummidgeTill Death Do Us ApartSummer Holiday, etc. Despite her few popular films, she was more famous for her appearances in theatres.

Una Stubbs And Cliff Richard Relationship Explored

The Independent claims that Una Stubbs and Cliff Richard were in a relationship. However, their love life didn’t last long.

Reportedly, Cliff was just 22 years old when that they fell for each other. However, since Una was four years older than him, we believe she was around 26 years old at that time.

However, their relationship had not been so popular among the public. After Una’s death, their past romance has suddenly been the headlines.

Speaking about Richard, he is a famous British singer, actor, and film producer. Interestingly, Stubbs’ first-ever major show was his movie, Summer Holiday.

Ever since she worked with Cliff in 1963, the pair started working together in other shows. Moreover, Una appeared in Richard’s Wonderful Life, and It’s Cliff Richard!

Were Una Stubbs And Cliff Richard Dating?

Indeed, Una Stubbs and Cliff Richard were dating. Moreover, they had a passionate romance during their early youth days.

We know Cliff has been shattered after hearing about his former partner’s demise. We want to send condolences to him and Una’s family at this crucial hour.

Interestingly, the musician has had platonic relationships only. In fact, he has been serious about his love life just with three women.

Before his affair with Una, Cliff had been dating Carol Harris. Well, he was just 18 years old when he lost his virginity to Shadows bass player’s current wife.

After his romance with Stubbs, he dated Sue Barker in his early eighties. Currently, Cliff is believed to be single. 

Who Was Actress Una Husband? Get To Know Her Married Life

Una Stubbs didn’t have a husband when she left the world. However, she had been married in the past.

In 1958, the actress wed Peter Gilmore, a famous actor. Reportedly, they adopted a son named Jason.

Sadly, Una’s married life with Peter could only last nine years. They got divorced in 1969, the same year she married Nicky Henson.

Like Una, Nicky was also an actor who passed away on December 15, 2019. Together, they had two children, Christian Henson and Joe Henson.

Reportedly, the former partners ended their marriage in 1975. But, they remained friends even after getting divorced.

Well, Stubbs died at the age of 84 years old. Today, she has left her net worth of $8 million to her beloved family.

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