What Does Spam For Spam Mean In TikTok, Text and Instagram: #SFS Hastag Explained

What Does Spam For Spam Mean In TikTok, Text and Instagram:  #SFS Hastag Explained

What Does Spam For Spam Mean In TikTok, Text and Instagram:  #SFS Hastag Explained

Spam For Spam is the new trend on TikTok. it’s not a trend actually but it’s a phrase used in Tiktok videos. Hashtags such as #spam, #sfs are also associated with this concept of “Spam for Spam” and used in lots of videos on TikTok. Spamming has been apart of the internet since the social media communication and digital presence of people started becoming a way to capitalize on.


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Spamming refers to the act of sending emails to a large group of people about a service or a product by some organization.

People using Digital Marketing use this technique so that people view their advertisements. people can spam via message, internet posts, or emails but the most widely used method is definitely through emails. This word familiar with Emails is now being associated with Tiktok as well. So, let’s explore why that is happening.

What Does Spam For Spam Mean On TikTok?

Spam for Spam on TikTok has a slightly different meaning from normal spams in emails and internet postings. Spams are the messages sent to a large number of receivers at once.

So, to spam a TikTok video means to contribute likes to a TikTok video in a large number. Using one’s followers and friend circle, one can generate lots of likes on somebody’s TikTok video. That’s called spamming a Tiktok video.

Then, Spam fr Spam refers to the idea of returning that favor. if I spam your TikTok video with likes, it’s only fair that you do the same to me. That is the concept of this trend.



♬ why are ppl duetting my video – will.heeres.56

This is one of the videos that have “#sfs” meaning spam for spam. it’s just like Follow for Follow trend. In that trend, if you follow a person, they also follow you back and both of you grow together. This is also the same trend. if someone spams your TikTok video, you do the same.

What Does Spam For Spam Mean on Instagram and Texting?

Spam For Spam means the same thing on Instagram and texting as it does on TikTok. There are people who are trying to make their Instagram account popular so that they could monetize on that. In order to make their posts more popular, they require likes and shares on posts.

Therefore, they put out a post on Instagram whether a picture or a video or something else and use the hashtag “#sfs”. When they use this hashtag, they make it pretty clear that they want their picture or post spammed with likes and comments.

This is one of the fan accounts that’s sharing the video of Charli D’Amelio in the hope to grow their account. So, they have used the hashtag “#sfs” along with lots of other hashtags. Usage of spam for spam hashtags are seen all across the internet- Instagram to TikTok and even on texting.

#SFS Hashtag Explained

SFS stands for Spam For Spam. The meaning of this phrase is pretty clear as I have already explained to you. However, there are different hashtags people use to signify Spam for Spam. #Spam is a really popular hashtag that signifies Spam for Spam concept. There are 746 million views on videos that have “#spam” on the Tiktok videos.

Similarly, “#sfs” is another hashtag that’s being popular recently. The videos with the hashtag “#sfs” have a total of 136.5 million views on Tiktok. As more and more people keep using these hashtags, it’s only going to be more popular and known to people.

Spam For Spam Urban Dictionary

According to Urban Dictionary, Spam for Spam means “sending large amounts of comments on Myspace expecting to receive large amounts of comments back”. This definition was made in 2007 and hence uses “MySpace”- a popular social media at the time. Spam For Spam means the same thing but for platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram existing today.

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