What is Monkey PFP On TikTok Mean? Pedophile Monkey PFP Explained

What is Monkey PFP On TikTok Mean? Pedophile Monkey PFP Explained

What is Monkey PFP On TikTok Mean? Pedophile Monkey PFP Explained

If you are regular on TikTok, by any change, you might be wondering what Monkey PFP On TikTok Means? Well, TikTok has been the destination for new trends and challenges every now and then.

You could take monkey PFP on TikTok as a new trend in 2020. As this monkey PFP trend is getting a lot of users on TikTok lately, those with zero ideas of it are mumbling about it. You can simply take this trend as using a monkey face in your profile picture for the TikTok page. You might be wondering who would try to have a monkey face on PP? 

Well, before you get to know what is Monkey PFP on TikTok, you first need to know what does PFP means on TikTok. So, let’s get down to business, step by step.

What does PFP mean on TikTok?

TikTok has been the best place to look for abbreviations and acronyms. PFP is another popular acronym used on social media apps like TikTok itself. This acronym is used for two cases, the picture for proof and profile pic. Also, on TikTok, it can mean both. It is up to you how to use PFP on TikTok. 

You can use the world while asking for proof on pictures or you can use it as profile pic. In general, profile pic is generally coined as PP on social media. And for a long time now, we have been using PP for profile pic on Facebook. Though PFP might be new for you, it also means a profile pic. So, folks there you have it. 

If next time you come across PFP on TikTok, you know what it means. Right?

What is Monkey PFP On TikTok Mean? Pedophile Monkey PFP Explained

As you now know what PFP stands for on TikTok, it will be easy for you to guess what Monkey PFP means on TikTok. Monkey PFP on TikTok implies to imitating a monkey face in your TikTok profile picture. You might be wondering why this is set up as a trend on TikTok, but it is. 

You can either imitate a monkey face by yourself and use it as your PP on your TikTok account. Or, you can use a monkey TikTok filter to grow a pair of big ears like monkeys. After you apply the effect, save the picture with the monkey filter on it. Then you can upload the picture as your TikTok profile pic.

You can also use a Pedophile monkey filter on your TikTok account. Pedophile monkey means a baby monkey. And you can use a baby faced monkey filter on TikTok as well. Monkey PFP and Pedophile Monkey PFP are quite the same on TikTok.

Monkey TikTok Meme in 2020

With the trend of Monkey PFP on TikTok, netizens are are vigorously using Monkey memes on TikTok as well. Netizens are using animated monkey face and face of other animals on their Monkey memes on TikTok. Also, TikTok users are using monkey voice from animated series under this meme.

You will also find videos of TikTok users imitating a monkey by themselves. Most of the TikTok videos under Monkey memes have the same sound which is taken from the YouTube video ‘Mmm, monkey.’ ‘Mmm, monkey’ is a very popular quote by the animated character Oogway from Kung Fu Panda.

Not only on TikTok but this monkey face thing is also popular on other social media like Instagram. Mainly, you will find a monkey face hashtag on Instagram. There are well over 336k videos under hashtag monkey face on Instagram. While some videos have netizens imitating a monkey. Some have got real monkeys on it.

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