Where Is Walter Ogrod Now? Wife Wikipedia And Family

Walter Ogrod Is Becoming A Symbol Of Criminal Injustice In The United States – Here Is His Story

Walter Ogrod Is Becoming A Symbol Of Criminal Injustice In The United States – Here Is His Story

Walter Ogrod has spoken to Dateline NBC after spending 28 years in prison. Continue reading to learn about his wife and family.

Walter spent almost three decades on death row. However, he was wrongfully convicted for the murder of Barbara Jean Horn.

At first, he was sentenced to death for the sexual assault and murder of a 4-years-old girl. He had confessed four years after the crime. But, in 2020, he revealed that his statement was false.

Who Is Walter Ogrod From Dateline? Here Is His Story

Walter Ogrod’s case will be featured on the latest episode of Dateline. Don’t forget to tune in to NBC at 10 PM on August 13, 2021.

Well, Walter was the neighbor of Barbara Jean Horn. In April 1992, he confirmed that he had lured her into his basement.

Reportedly, he attempted to assault her sexually. Later, he bludgeoned Barbara to death with a metal object.

Furthermore, he placed her body in a cardboard television box near St. Vincent Street. As a result, the District Attorney of Philadelphia prosecuted him for the first time in October 1993.

Well, his early statements were is said to be coerced by the authorities. In August 1996, Walter had to go on his second trial and was convicted of Horn’s murder.

The same day (October 8), the court announced the death penalty for his horrible crime. However, after more than two decades, the new Philadelphia District Attorney claimed the authorities review the conviction.

In January 2020, DNA tests were concluded, and the results proved Walter’s innocence. As a result, on June 5, 2020, the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas ordered them to free him from prison.

Where Is Walter Ogrod Now?

Walter Ogrod is currently in his home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He must be happy to get back to ordinary life.

In June 2021, he continued to have Joseph Marrone‘s services. Now, the lawyer has filed a wrongful conviction suit against the entire City of Philadelphia.

Walter Ogrod Wife: Is He Married?

Walter Ogrod has not spoken about his wife publicly. Thus, we are unsure if he was ever married.

Even if he was married, there are high chances that his partner might have divorced him after the terrible incident. As of now, we are trying to get to Walter and find the truth.

Explored Walter Ogrod Case On Wikipedia

Walter Ogrod’s case has been explained on Wikipedia. But, his upcoming Dateline episode will be more interesting to watch.

Moreover, his story was featured in Unsolved Mysteries. However, there was no clear suspect at that time.

Also, author Thomas Lowenstein published a book under his case, The Trials of Walter Ogrod. In April 2018, a documentary called Death Row Stories was released, focusing on his possible innocence. 

Everything To Know About Ogrod Family

Possibly, Walter Ogrod was born to an American family. However, we remain unsure about his ethnicity.

Moreover, there’s no information regarding his parents, children, and friends. Reportedly, he was born in 1965 and was 38 years of age when he was convicted.

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