Who Is Jason Arena Aka @speakthetruth101 TikTok? Wife & Viral Video

Who Is Jason Arena On TikTok? Cancer Patient Husband Viral Video

Who Is Jason Arena On TikTok? Cancer Patient Husband Viral Video

Who Is Jason Arena Aka @speakthetruth101 TikTok? He is a TikToker who is viral over the platforms nowadays. Learn More.

Jason Arena is an American webstar who is going viral for the video regarding his cancer patient wife’s early release from the hospital because of anti-vaxxers. 

Professionally, he is an excavator from North Carolina. These days his viral against covid anti-vaxxers is going viral on the social media app as well as other platforms. 

Even celebrities are sharing his video as a tool to oppose anti-vaxxers. Like many other people who chose the platform to express their talent, Jason decided to share his frustration as his wife did not get proper medication. His wife is now in the 4th stage of breast cancer.

Who Is Jason Arena Aka @speakthetruth101 TikTok?

Jason Arena is a cancer patient’s husband and an excavator from North Carolina. Also, nowadays, he has become an internet sensation after his video gone viral on TikTok and other platforms. 

He used the account under the name @speakthetruth101 to share his frustration via video. In TikTok, he has about 34.6 k followers and over 600k likes. 

Jason, age 45, shared his experience and suggested anti-vaxxers remain at home to fight the corona as they say it does not exist. He said, because of them, his 4th stage cancer patient wife had to release early from the hospital. 

He also mentioned, the anti-vaxxers do not believe in corona, so when they get sick, they should stay at home and cure themselves. Because of those people, many needy people cannot get proper medication. 

Meet Jason Arena Wife

Jason Arena’s wife is diagnosing with 4th stage breast cancer. Although he has not mentioned her name, his video regarding her has gone viral.

Jason had taken his wife to the hospital for some emergency case, where he had to admit her to the hospital for four or more days. However, the hospital was filled with those anti-vaxxers who got covid, which causes the early release of his wife.

Despite him not showing his wife, he has shown much love to her thought out his videos. 

How Was The Viral Video?

Well, as we already mentioned, the video was based on his wife’s early release from the hospital because of anti-vaxxers. The video went instantly viral as it was raising questions regarding corona.


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We can see Jason ranting about the current corona situation in the video. He asked people who oppose vaccines calling corona fake and unreal to stay at home even if they get corona. 

He wanted to question the hypocrisy of corona. Other people like Chet Hanks, Dan Stock, Phile Valentine, and Eric Clapton had gone viral for their nation vaccine drama. 

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