Who Is Andreas Giannitsopoulos Vanderbilt? Age Wiki And Parents

Vanderbilt Athlete Andreas Giannitsopoulos – Everything On Florida Condo Collapse Victim

Vanderbilt Athlete Andreas Giannitsopoulos – Everything On Florida Condo Collapse Victim

Who is Andreas Giannitsopoulos? He was a Vanderbilt University senior. Find more in this article.

Giannitsopoulos was a former student at St. Thomas High School and Annunciation Orthododoz School. He was from Houston attended Vanderbilt University as an economics major.

Giannitsopoulos was on the eighth floor of the Champlain Tower before it collapsed. He was one of sixteen victims identified Thursday by concerned authorities.

Who Is Andreas Giannitsopoulos Vanderbilt?

Andreas Giannitsopoulos was a Vanderbilt University senior.

NBC News reports that Giannitsopoulos was among those killed when a high-rise Miami condo building collapsed in Surfside, Florida, last week.

In fact, he was the victim of the Champlain Towers South condo collapse.

He had hoped to start carving his way out in the world of finance as he would be graduated from Nashville college.

Giannitsopoulos was in Surfside visiting his godfather on his second trip there in the past month.

But, his obituary left his family, friends, and close ones disheartening.

He was a track athlete and also was on the track team at Vanderbilt.

Andreas Giannitsopoulos Age Revealed

Andreas Giannitsopoulos age was revealed to be 21 years old.

According to the article published on 10News on 1st July 2021, Giannitsopoulos is claimed of that age. 

Based in Houston, Texas, US, he belonged to an American nationality.

Is He Available On Wikipedia?

Andreas Giannitsopoulos Wikipedia is behind the radar.

However, we can find him Giannitsopoulos on Linkedin bio. From his Linkedin, one can grasp his professional experience and education.

His death in 12-story condo crashing has made plenty of headlines on several leading media.

Everything On His Parents

Andreas Giannitsopoulos’ parents are Tina Giannitsopoulos and Mr. Giannitsopoulos.

“My son was the strongest person I know and the best part of my day. We had such plans for his future,” said his mother, Tina Giannitsopoulos, on Wednesday.

A GoFundMe has also been set up to help Giannitsopoulos’ family.

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