Who is Ann Cooper Hewitt? Wikipedia Age And Trial

Who is Ann Cooper Hewitt? A Look Into History of the Ann Cooper Hewitt Trial

Who is Ann Cooper Hewitt? A Look Into History of the Ann Cooper Hewitt Trial

Ann Cooper Hewitt Wikipedia is undocumented. However the lady has piqued the public curiosity once again.

Hewitt was an American socialite who was born during the 1920s. She is regarded as a fearless lady who sued her mother and fought for her reproductive rights.

The lady has once again been in the highlight after author Audrey Clare Farley wrote a book called “The Unfit Heiress: The Tragic Life and Scandalous Sterilization of Ann Cooper Hewitt.” 

The book has highlighted the tragic and shocking life of Ann Copper Hewitt.

Who Is Ann Cooper Hewitt: Wikipedia Explored

Ann Cooper Hewitt’s Wikipedia is undocumented.

Meanwhile, this article, on the other hand, sheds light on her bio.

Ann was born to her parents Peter Cooper Hewitt (father) and Maryon Cooper Hewitt (mother), in the United States.

Her father, Peter, was an eminent electrical engineer who invented the mercury-vapor lamp. Furthermore, after his demise in 1921, he left two-thirds of his will for his daughter Ann and the remaining one tired for his wife.

However, Ann’s mother was abusive and never treated her right. In fact, she called her bad names claiming her to be ugly.

Furthermore, Ann married 5 times.

Eventually, she died at a young age due to cancer.

Her Age: How Old?

Ann Cooper Hewitt’s age was 41 years when she died in 1956.

As per the source, she was born in 1914, and her birthday was celebrated on the 31st of July every year.

Ann Cooper Sterilization: Trial Explained

Ann Cooper was sterilized without her consent in her 20s.

In 1935, Ann got hospitalized for having appendicitis. And during that time, her mother bribed the doctors to perform her sterilization, claiming her to be “feeble-minded.”

Her mother did so to deprived Ann of the large will her father had left, which included a child-bearing clause.

After getting to know this, Ann sued her mother for depriving her of reproductive rights and her father’s will. At the same time, her mother kept telling people that her daughter was an unfit heiress with mental disabilities.

After several trials, the San Francisco District Attorney charged her mother and doctors ‘mayhem’ and a sentence of 14 years.

However, the trials were dropped after Ann agreed to settle for $150,000, reported Daily Mail.

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