Who Is Arlene Anne Urichich? Rick Aiello Wife Net Worth, Wikipedia And Family

Actor Rick Aiello Passed Away, Who Is His Wife Arlene Anne Urichich?

Actor Rick Aiello Passed Away, Who Is His Wife Arlene Anne Urichich?

Rick Aiello has passed away at the age of 65 while battling cancer. Rick Ailello is a film and TV star.

He is best known for starring in Do The Right Thing and The Sopranos.

Who Is Arlene Anne Urichich? Wikipedia Details 

Arlene Anne Urichich is the wife of Rick Aiello. The couple has been married for years. There is no such information about Arlene. But the couple were happily married.

They also had children together. Arlene is not mentioned in Wikipedia. Even her husband was not on Wikipedia.

Arlene’s father-in-law and brother-in-law had made in Wikipedia for their contribution to the film industry. Rick Aiello was born in the year 1955 is an American actor and stuntman. He is a son of actor Danny Aiello and producer Sandy Cohen.

Rick Dad is the famous Danny Aiello. 

Rick was one of Danny Aiello’s four children. He had starred in a host of movies and television shows throughout his on-screen career.


He had starred with his actor father in the movie Do The Right Thing. Rick’s other famous movies are Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, and Law & Order.



His final movie which he did was in the year 2016 when he starred in a horror film called Nobody’s Perfect.

Rick Aiello Wife Net Worth

There is no news about how much money Rick’s wife has. Arlene was just known to be the wife of Rick. Other than that there is no information about her income sources.

Whereas her husband Rick’s net worth is $20 million. He did a lot in his career as an actor and stunt man so his income source is definitely the film industry.

Arlene Age and Kids

It is assumed that Arlene must be only a few years younger than Rick. She might be in her late 50s or early 60s.

There is no information about how many kids Rick and Arlene had. The couple had a very simple and private life. They did not share any personal details with the media and the public. 

Rick Aiello Death Cause 

He passed away at a hospital in New Jersey on July 26th. Rick’s death was confirmed by his mother. He was suffering from pancreatic cancer which led him to death. Rick passed away exactly after a year and a half after his father died.

His father was an 86-year-old father when he passed away. Danny Aiello died due to succumbing to an infection.

The news was broadcast by TMZ. Rick’s family members gave the information to the media who spoke to the late star’s family members earlier this week. Rick passed away eleven years after his older brother, stuntman Danny Aiello II. He passed away after being diagnosed with the same type of cancer.

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