Who Is Bryan Rhoden? Wife Family And Pictures On Reddit

Who Is Bryan Rhoden? Golf Club Shooting Suspect Was Arrested

Who Is Bryan Rhoden? Golf Club Shooting Suspect Was Arrested

Who is Bryan Rhoden? Byran is the shooter that led to 3 people dead in Chamblee, GA golf club.

A gruesome shooting that took place in Pinetree Country shocked the whole nation last Saturday. The incident led to the death of 3 people, including pro golfer Gene Siller.

After nearly a week, the police have finally arrested the suspected shooter named Bryan Rhoden. 

Who Is Bryan Rhoden? Facebook Details

Bryan Rhoden on Facebook discussion is the “lone shooter” from Chamblee, GA.

The police have finally arrested Bryan Anthony Rhoden as Gene Siller shooter. Rhoden was taken in custody around 5:30 am by the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force.

The officers have charged Bryan for reportedly murdering three people in the Pinetree Country Club’s golf course.  

Among the victims, 46 years old Henry Valdez and 76 years old Paul Pierson were found dead in the bed of a pickup truck. However, the police believe that Siller was shot as a witness in the crime.

Originally from Atlanta, Bryan Rhoden is aged 23 years old.

Meet Bryan Rohden’s Wife and Family

Neither Bryan Rohden’s wife nor his family members have come forward yet.

Bryan is under investigation for very serious charges and crimes. Therefore, we understand if the Rohden family want to distant themselves from the limelight right now.

On the other hand, Gene Siller’s wife, Ashley, is demanding to punish Bryan Rohden. Siller was the father of two children of age 6 and 7 years old.

However, the family of other victims are been quiet. 

Bryan Rohden Pictures Circulating On Reddit

Bryan Rohden’s pictures are circulating on Reddit communities 

The situation was heavily discussed on the r/news community with over 24 million members. Likewise, many people condemned Rohden’s senseless killing.

The police have pressed charges on Bryan for DUI, providing false ID and traffic problems. Similarly, the shooter has been booked in the Cobb County jail. The Mugshot’s photos are all over the internet. 

The sheriff has not mentioned if Bryan has previous police records to date. But, they are going to disclose more details in near future.

As a fact, the full investigation of the case is still on the way. 

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