Who Is Cori Nelson TikTok Aka Corixgabrielle Age And Instagram

Cori Nelson aka Corixgabrielle is a Tiktok content creator. Get to know her more closely. 

TikToker Cori Nelson became a part of Morbid: A True Crime recently. She joined the popular podcast along with host Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh “Ash” Kelley.

Furthermore, Nelson and her friend also run their own podcast.

Who Is Cori Nelson TikTok Aka Corixgabrielle?

Cori Nelson aka Corixgabrielle is a Tiktok star.

Cori is popular for uploading relatable and lifestyle content. Her videos are followed by over a whopping 2.1million people on Tiktok.

The social star has now used her fame as the co-host of Bad Friend Podcast. She runs the show along with her good friend, @kttrob223.

Recently, Nelson was invited to join “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast”. The episode focused on the horrific murder of Austin Wenner & Jessica Lewis.

It is the same infamous Tiktok murder case, where a bunch of Tiktoker found a suitcase on the Seattle beach. Though they expected money in the bag, the Tiktokers found remains of Lewis and Wenner. 

The episode highlights every event relating to the murder. 

Cori Nelson Age: How Old Is She?

Cori Nelson is 26 years old in age.

She currently resides in Illinois with her daughter, Willow Rae, and her boyfriend. Similarly, Nelson frequently makes videos with Willow.

Nelson is taken by her partner Jared King right now. Though not married, the couple plans to tie the knot very soon. 


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On March 26, 2021, Cori opened to her fans that she was adopted. She shared the sensitive information to find more details on her late biological father and siblings. 

Apparently, her father was named Tom Hill. Similarly, Nelson is among the at least 7 kids from Hill. 

Later, the Tiktoker also discovered that her dad was prisoned in charge of abuse and murder conspiracy. He  eventually got a life sentence and passed away in prison. 

Nonetheless, Cori Nelson is very close to her adoptive parents. 

Discover Cori Nelson on Instagram

You can follow Cori Nelson on her Instagram as @corixgabrielle. 

She garners 71.4k followers on her IG profile. Likewise, she has also started to upload on youtube recently. However, Cori Nelson doesn’t have a Wiki description yet. 

Nelson is planning to launch her own Merchandise very soon. In addition, she is also a mental health activist.

The social star is also a recovering addict. She has previously talked about her past substance abuse and her journey to soberness.

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