Who is Edward Zuma? Net Worth, Wife, Wikipedia And Education

Who is Edward Zuma? Everything On Jacob Zuma’s Son And Family

Who is Edward Zuma? Everything On Jacob Zuma’s Son And Family

Edward Zuma is the son of Jacob Zuma.

Edward Zuma covers the news these days as he defends his father in legal cases. Jacob is renowned as the fourth president of South Africa. He is currently facing allegations of corruption and illegal weapon trading.  

Edward Zuma’s Net Worth And Wikipedia

Edward Zuma shares a Net worth of $20 million USD with his father. 

Zuma’s father earned much of his fortune during his presidency. Besides, Edward holds multiple businesses and investments. Therefore, we are doubtless on his expensive lifestyle. 

Edward Zuma’s Wikipedia page is absent. 

But, Edward Zuma does have a Twitter bio with over 450 followers. He joined the online platform in 2016. Nonetheless, his Tweets are inactive these days.

Edward Zuma’s Wife

Edward Zuma’s wife is Phumelele Shange.

Unlike his father, who reportedly married 6 times, Edward has reported only one spouse. However, Phumelele prefers to protect her privacy. In fact, details about Edward Zuma’s children remain hidden. 

Quick Facts:

Name Edward Zuma
Age 44 years
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Parents Jacob Zuma and Minah Shongwe
Siblings 23 siblings
Net Worth $20 Million USD
Married/Single Married
Wife Phumelele Shange
Education University of Zululand
Twitter @_EdwardZuma

Some Facts On Edward Zuma 

  1. Edward Zuma’s age is 44 years old. He was born in 1977. Furthermore, his birthplace is South Africa. 
  2. Speaking about his qualifications, Edward Zuma perused a law degree. Likewise, Edward Zuma completed his education at the University of Zululand.
  3. We are quite unsure about Edward Zuma’s Job right now. However, he accompanies his father in legal matters. Thus, Edward Zuma’s salary must be high as well. 
  4. Speaking about his family, Edward Zuma’s biological mother is Minah Shongwe. Similarly, Edward Zuma apparently has 23 siblings from his father. His famous siblings include Gugulethu Zuma-Ncube and Thuthukile Zuma. 
  5. The law student is currently busy defending his father in multiple cases. As a fact, he also protects Jacob from the public limelight.
  6. During the 2000’s Edward faced rape charges. When Zuma was 23 years old, he was arrested for raping a 17 years old girl. However, the family remains silent on the case. 

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