Who Is Ehrlich Firechill Ocampo? Age Wiki And Instagram

Who Is Ehrlich Firechill Ocampo On AGT? Meet Him On Instagram

Who Is Ehrlich Firechill Ocampo On AGT? Meet Him On Instagram

Ehrlich ‘Firechill’ Ocambo is a performer who turned heads recently with his performance on America’s Got Talent. Keep reading the article to find out more about this talent.

Ehrlich is a performer and dancer who specializes in acrobatics with hula hoops and levibands. 

Ehrlich’s Satellite performance on AGT, as he calls it, was breathtaking. The glow-in-the-dark levibands and hula hoops were just a feather in the hat.

His body felt as if it was flowing seamlessly on stage. It felt like spa therapy for the eyes. 

Who Is Ehrlich Firechill Ocampo?

Ehrlich Ocampo is a dancer, performer, expert in acrobatics with leviband and hula hoops. That is a lot of things for a person to be an expert at.

Ehrlich came all the way from the Philippines to participate in America’s Got Talent. Ehrlich said that he had landed in America just 9 days before his audition at AGT.

Similarly, he also explained that he is a big fan of Heidi Klum but wishes to impress Simon Cowell as he is the hardest to impress. 

According to him, it was his dream to perform at the AGT stage.

AGT is one of the biggest platforms for people to present their talent to the world. 

Ehrlich Age and Wikipedia

Ehrlich’s age is not known yet. But it is assumed that he must be in his late 20s to early 30s. 

Ehrlich has not yet paved his path on Wikipedia. However, you can find information on the performer on this article.

On the stage, Ehrlich goes by the stage name ‘Firechill’. He also has a YouTube channel called FireChill/ Ehrlich Ocampo with over 177 videos showcasing his skills and love for dance.

Meet Him On Instagram

Ehrlich’s Firechill Ocampo’s can be found on Instagram with the username @firechill.ph. His  Instagram Bio says, “The Boy Who Dreamt of Flying. Movement, visual, and word artist. Circus performer.”

Before his performance, when Sofia Vergara asks him a question, he expresses how he has fought all his life to be on AGT’s stage. He says his loved ones and supporters have helped him come this far. 

He is associated with this Circus called “Cirque du Soliel“. This circus’s Instagram page has 1.3 million followers. 

He promotes Leviwand Dance through another Instagram handle. His Instagram handles are filled with dance, performance, and his love for art. 

Social Media is the most powerful tool, and he has utilized it to its full potential by having separate accounts and even promoting his talent on his YouTube channel.

Is Ehrlich Single?

As of now, Ehrlich might be single. There is no such Instagram post with his Wife or Girlfriend. 

But he might not be single, too—some people just like keeping their personal relationships off the media.

We wish Ehrlich all the good luck for his journey at America’s Got Talent 2021!

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