Who is Jurgen Conings? Wikipedia And Facebook Meme

Who Is Jurgen Conings? Everything About The Belgian Soldier

Who Is Jurgen Conings? Everything About The Belgian Soldier

Is Jurgen Conings on Wikipedia? Conings Meme are flooding on Facebook after he threatened a virologist and then vanished.

Mr. Conings is a Belgian soldier. And, he served the military as a shooting instructor.

As of now, he is being searched by special forces after he disappeared with various weapons from the military base.

Jurgen Conings Wikipedia

Jurgen Conings’s Wikipedia is undocumented.

However, the details surrounding his wiki details are highly in search.

Jurgen Conings; age is 46 years currently.

The man was born and raised in Belgium so he holds a Belgain nationality.

Furthermore, the information regarding his parents and family is unavailable.

As per the source, Conings was serving in the military since 1992.

Prior to going into the military, he was deployed in various operations due to his gun skills.

As he had excellent shooting and snipping skills, he served as the shooting instructor in the military.

The Minister of Defence stated that the soldier’s activities were not considered as problematic until the current days. And, he was even transferred to a support function in charge of preparing for abroad missions.

Jurgen Conings Facebook Meme

Jurgen Conings’ Facebook Memes are being made amid his disappearance.

While the Belgian military force is actively in search of Jurgen, people have taken his opportunity to create funny memes.

These memes were first found on the Facebook platform but now they have circulated on Instagram as well.

What Did He Do?

Jurgen Conings have disappeared after threatening a vaccine virologist; Marc Van Ranst.

Marc Van Ranst is one of the best virologists who has been leading Belgium’s public health amid the Corona virus.

The reason for him treating the virologists is said to be his vow of taking extreme action to battle against the Coronavirus lockdown restriction.

As per BBC, the soldier had threatened the virolosit in past as well.

The man has disappeared since 19th May 2021.

He is said to be heavily armed as various weapons including anti-tank rockets were found in his vehicle near Dilsen, West Belgium.

As of now, the virologist and his family are given protection which Jurgen’s man hurt is going on actively.

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