Who Is Mark Dobrosky? Ellie Couric Husband Net Worth Age & Wikipedia

Who Is Mark Dobrosky? Ellie Couric Husband Net Worth Age & Wikipedia

Who Is Mark Dobrosky? Ellie Couric Husband Net Worth Age & Wikipedia

Who Is Mark Dobrosky? Ellie Couric husband net worth is not publicized. Get insight on his age and Wikipedia from here.

Mark and Ellie Couric are newly married couples. The couple wedded during the spectacular Fourth of July ceremony. Ellie is the eldest child of Journalist Katie Couric and Jay Monahan.

After the ceremony, Katie had announced the happy news on her social media.

She reflected on how happy she was with both Mark and Ellie. As of now, we bring you some more details on Ellie Couric’s husband, Mark.

Who Is Mark Dobrosky? Wikipedia

Mark Dobrosky has no Wikipedia bio.

He is a graduate of the Yale University with a degree in Arts. However, during his college time, he has played Lacrosse for the senior side.

Until 2012, Dabrosky has managed to play 16 matches for the Yales. Similarly, he led his lacrosse team to State Championships in 2007 and 2008 as captain.

Besides, Mark is working at Imperial Capitals LLC for four now. His job is as a Vice President in Sales and Trading.

Mark Dobrosky Net Worth

Mark Dobrosky’s net worth is not public.

The business professional has worked in various positions at reputed firms. Nevertheless, he has already gained over a decade-long experience at Imperial Capital, LLC.

Therefore, we can speculate him to have earned a decent amount of money unit today.

Mark Dobrosky Age

Mark Dobrosky’s age is not known.

Based on the photos posted on social media, he must be around his late twenties. On the other hand, Ellie Couric’s age is 29 years old. Mark is her longtime sweetheart. They went to college together.

Ellie Couric’s life partner hails from the Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.

However, we do not actually know about his family background.

Mark could not be discovered on Instagram as well.

Dobrosky Family Details

Mark Dobrosky’s parents are Dennis and Loretta Dobrosky.

He also has two siblings in his family. His sister is Christine, who also played Lacrosse at Princeton. Similarly, his brother Dave played the sport at Harvard.

The family resides in New Jersey. Due to insufficient information on the web, we are unable to discover more about them.

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