Who Is Michael Sellars? Wiki Age On Gracie Spinks Murder Suspect

Who Is Michael Sellars? Wiki Age On Gracie Spinks Murder Suspect

Who Is Michael Sellars? Wiki Age On Gracie Spinks Murder Suspect

Michael Sellars is Gracie Spinks murder suspect. Was he arrested? Find the Gracie Spinks murder updates and details about the suspect.

Authorities have leaked the first picture of the murderer of Gracie Spinks.

Micheal Sellars, Gracie’s co-worker back in a few months, was the suspect behind the murder. Interestingly, his dead body was found near the site where Gracie was murdered.

Who Is Michael Sellars?

Michael Sellars is the suspect of Gracie Spinks’ murder.

Sources have revealed the first photo of the suspect after a few days of Gracie’s murder.

Michael and Gracie were actually former colleagues.

Sellars was employed at e-commerce firm Xbite until six months ago, where Gracie was working as a packer. During his time in Xbite, he was mostly known as a ‘loner .’ He got expelled six months ago concerning his conduct to other staff.

It is said that Michael reportedly killed her after she refused to go out on a date with him.

Michael lived with his family and had no records of being with a girl before, reports cited.

Michael Sellars Age Wiki

Michael Sellars age is 35 years old.

With that note, the suspect was born in 1985.

Besides that, no family backgrounds and other personal details about Sellars have come out in public.

Was Michael Sellars Arrested?

No Michael Sellars was not arrested.

In fact, authorities found his dead body half a mile away from the village of Duckmanton, where Gracie was murdered.

The cause of the death of Sellars is still unknown.

Derbyshire Police mentioned that they are not looking for any other suspect following the murder-suicide case of Michael.

Michael and Gracie worked together, and he was obsessed with Gracie, who often modeled for a London Agency.

Gracie had gained a restraining order against the suspect as he would not leave her alone anywhere.

Xbite’s employee mentioned that Sellars flipped her and killed her with a knife. Similarly, authorities found a murder kit filled with an axe, hammer, two large knives, a flick-knife, Viagra, and a sinister note which read: ‘Don’t lie!’

Late Gracie has been acquiring tons of tribute following her murder on Facebook. One of her friends, Charlotte Pemberton, wrote, “RIP Gracie. Such a beautiful, kind young girl who’s been taken far too soon. Fly high, sweet girl.”

Similarly, Alicia Jordan wrote on her Facebook, ‘Oh Gracie Spinks… Heartbroken doesn’t even cut it… This world is so cruel.’

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