Who Is Paige Madison Evans Aka Paigemevans TikTok? Age And Instagram

Meet Paige Madison Evans, Actress Behind Don’t Flirt With Him Meme

Meet Paige Madison Evans, Actress Behind Don’t Flirt With Him Meme

Paige Madison Evans aka Paigemevans is a TikTok star who is living her dreams of being a famous actress. Here is everything to know. 

If you’re wondering about the origins of the viral ‘Don’t Flirt With Him’ TikTok meme, the creator is called Paige Madison Evans. 

The ‘Don’t Flirt With Him’ TikTok trend all started because of one viral post. It shows a girl that flashes onto the screen, with a voiceover.

It says: “Don’t flirt with him,” followed by: “I’m not going to fli–” and then cuts to what’s usually a meme. Then, after the footage rolls, she replies: “Fu**ing hell”, and changes her mind.

Who Is Paige Madison Evans Aka Paigemevans TikTok?

Paige Madison Evans Aka Paigemevans is a Canadian actress with over a million followers on TikTok. She is also better known as the ‘Don’t Flirt With Him’ girl, and her video took TikTok by storm as she went viral.


##pov I meet my friends brother for the first time. ##foryoupage ##foryou ##fyp ##xyzbca ##viral

♬ original sound – Kaynekiara

The post has racked up over 13 million likes alone, since being posted back in March 2021, and has given many meme pages the perfect template.

Madison is a content creator who posts to both Instagram and TikTok regularly and is an actress based out of Toronto, Canada.

For somebody with 1.1 million followers on TikTok, she boasts over 23 million likes at the time of writing and creating many other successful templates since the ‘Don’t Flirt With Him’ TikTok went viral. They pretty much all follow the same style, too, with small text added to the videos and facial reactions.

Unfortunately, her bio is not found on Wikipedia. However, her details can be found on many web pages. 

She studied acting at Humbler College. 

Likewise, Madison’s height is yet to be revealed. But, looking at her physique, she seems to have a decent height. 

Currently, she resides in Toronto, Canada with her parents. Her mother’s name is Louise. 

Paige Madison Evans Age

Paige Madison Paige Madison Evans’ age is 21 years old. She was born on June 3, 1999. 

As she was born on the 3rd of June, her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Meet Paige Madison On Instagram

Paige Madison is active on Instagram. 

The aspiring actor has 129k followers along with 20 posts. 

Likewise, her bio reads as: “Actress by day, chip connoisseur by night.”

Moreover, Paige Evans is new to YouTube as she started her channel only after her TikTok fame.

Who Is Paigemevans Boyfriend? 

We are not aware of Paigemevans boyfriend. This is one of the most searched questions on everybody’s mind but the answer is unknown. 

She has not cleared the air around her relationship status. Hence, we do not know if she has a boyfriend. 

However, it seems like the actress is currently single.

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