Who is Rapper XANAKIN SKYWOK? Real Name, Face, Net Worth And Wikipedia

XANAKIN SKYWOK Face And Real Name: Facts You Need To Know

XANAKIN SKYWOK Face And Real Name: Facts You Need To Know

XANAKIN SKYWOK is a SoundCloud rapper who is getting famous day by day. He seemingly came out of nowhere and had been delivering great content.

Quick Facts: XANAKIN SKYWOK Face And Real Name: Facts You Need To Know

Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Instagram xanakinskywok

He is anonymous, and that’s the biggest reason for people’s curiosity. His Instagram account features a bunch of pictures of a masked man. There are some pictures where the face has been revealed, but we don’t know if that’s really him. He posts his rap songs on Instagram as well as other sites dedicated to music.

SKYWOK is a new guy on the block and wants to make it big in rap music. We have realized that he has made great use of social media and streaming platforms to make his music followed by a lot of people. He could be a lot famous in the coming days. 


  1. XANAKIN SKYWOK is a rapper and a musical artist who used SoundCloud and Spotify to get his music to the audience.
  2. The real name of XANAKIN SKYWOK remains mysterious, and this mystery element seems to be working in favor of his career.
  3.  XANAKIN SKYWOK could have revealed his face, but we can’t really confirm the news. Mostly he appears wearing a mask on his Instagram post, but this picture has no mask. He could very well be this person, but we can’t say with absolute certainty.
  4. SKYWOK has 8717 followers on his SoundCloud account and has released 21 tracks on the streaming site.
  5. His age remains unknown to date but could be revealed in the future.
  6. XANAKIN SKYWOK doesn’t have a Wikipedia, and that’s why we don’t know his height and details regarding his family.
  7. XANAKIN loves using social media, and that’s really been the medium through which he has increased his influence.
  8. XANAKIN SKYWOK’s net worth remains unknown to date.
  9. He is an American and resides in Los Angeles, California. XANAKIN SKYWOK also seems not to have a girlfriend at the moment.
  10. XANAKIN has 11.1k followers on his Instagram account.

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