Who Was Peter Hedgemont? Age Wiki And Death

Is Peter Hedgemont Story Real? The Man Who Died On TV

Is Peter Hedgemont Story Real? The Man Who Died On TV

Peter Hedgemont died on TV while doing an interview. Is It A Real Story? 

Peter Hedgemont was an American character who refused to believe that he had cancer. Hedgemont revealed that he was diagnosed by six doctors who said he had a cancerous tumor in his liver that needed attention. Peter ignored the advice and diagnosis and got along with his life. 

It is not a real story as it was uploaded on a satirical news channel, The Onion. The Youtube video was uploaded on February 19, 2009, by The Onion. 

Let’s Scratch the surface of the story dated back to the 2010s.

Peter Hedgemont Death Details Revealed

Peter Hedgemont died on TV while he was appearing in an interview in 2009.

As he refused to believe he had cancer even after multiple doctors and diagnoses told him so, Peter Hedgemont’s health started deteriorating. He lost a significant amount of body weight and several wounds and cuts began appearing in his body. Hedgemont’s health got worse with coughing and untreatable wounds in his body and face.

Hedgemont was answering questions in the interview when he suddenly stopped talking. Peter’s head was rested on his seat and he started bleeding from his nose before he died.

Who Was Peter Hedgemont?

Peter Hedgemont is famous for being the man who came on Today Now News TV and shared his story.

Hedgemont came to the show with his wife, where he explained how he ignored every medical diagnosis and the need for medical attention and believed in himself. Even after multiple tests and six different doctors, Peter refused to believe he had cancer.

Hedgemont became an inspiration to many other cancer patients who needed courage and motivation to fight the life-threatening disease. Peter lived for some time after being diagnosed with cancer. 

Many people are confused if it is a real story. According to Answers, it is a spoof as it comes from Onion News Network.

Peter Hedgemont Age Wiki Details Explored

Peter Hedgemont’s age was around 35 years, at the time of his death in 2009. 

The exact date of birth of Hedgemont is not revealed. 

Peter Hedgemont is not on Wikipedia. However, one can read about Peter Hedgemont on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. 

The details about Peter Hedgemont’s background and family are currently private.

The Onion’s official Youtube channel posted the video on February 19, 2009, and the video currently has 1.78 million total views. The video is titled Courageous Man Refused To Believe He Has Cancer.

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