Why Did He Quit Australian Club?

Geoff Cousins Wikipedia Age Net Worth: Why Did He Quit Australian Club?

Geoff Cousins Wikipedia Age Net Worth: Why Did He Quit Australian Club?

Geoff Cousins Wikipedia searches are on the trend lately. Read more to know the reason behind him quitting the Australian Club. 

Geoff is making headlines globally as he has quit the Australian Club lately. If you’re still wondering who Geoff Cousins is, we would like to introduce him as a high-profile businessman and an environmentalist.

He is a former Telstra director and ex-president of the Australian Conservation.

Geoff Cousins Wikipedia and Age

Geoff Cousins Wikipedia is yet to be documented. 

However, many news sites have covered his professional deets. To be noted, he is a multi-faceted person. He is also an author and collector.

Mr. Geoffrey is a Chairman at Australian Conservation Foundation and St. James Ethics Foundation. Besides, he is also an Independent Non-Executive Director at Telstra Corp. Ltd, as mentioned in his biography.

Furthermore, Geoff Cousins age is 79 years as of now. He was born in 1942. He had this dream of writing a novel ever since he was 13.

How Much Is Geoff Cousins Net Worth?

Geoff net worth is estimated to be above millions.

Unfortunately, the exact figures of his net worth have not been documented yet. 

Being a conservationist and a director at Telstra Corp., he definitely has earned a fortune for himself out of his career.

Why Did He Quit Australian Club?

According to 9 News, Geoff Cousins quit the Australian Club in protest after its members voted not to allow women to join. 

He mentioned that he was stunned by the decision made by the members of the elite Club.

Furthermore, he was disappointed by how two-third of the people of his Club voted to exclude women.

He mentioned that members who voted in favor of allowing women to join, including himself, spoke of the move as a social justice issue. 

Moreover, he stated that those who voted against allowing women to vote were worried about the trivialities. 

Meet Geoff Cousins Parents and Family

Geoff parents’ details are out of sight at the moment.

He hasn’t mentioned them anywhere till now.

Nonetheless, Geoff is married to his wife, Gayle. He quit the position of CEO of Optus Vision and pay television network to look after his terminally sick wife and their children.

Their children’s identities are not revealed as of now.

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