Why Was Dr Disrespect Banned From Reddit? Reasons Explained

Why Was Dr Disrespect Banned From Reddit? Reasons Explained

Why Was Dr Disrespect Banned From Reddit? Reasons Explained

People have been asking Why Was Dr Disrespect Banned From Reddit? Online game streaming icon Dr. Disrespect is known for his entertaining streams, his dominating and eccentric persona is what fans love about him. He himself describes his online persona as a dominating gamer. 

Some of the content he provides on his online channels have gotten him into trouble. The star’s online persona, as the name suggests is at times, disrespectful and uses words that some might consider not appropriate for everyone. 

This is why he was banned from Twitch but there are also a lot of rumors going around that he has been banned from Reddit too, what is the mystery behind all of this, read below

Why Was Dr Disrespect Banned From Reddit?

As of August 2020, Dr Disrespect has not been banned from Reddit. He has a thriving community of fans and followers on the platform. 

The official subreddit for the streamer started back on October 20, 2016. He has over 56,000 followers on the platform, his fans regularly post on the site and the moto of his community is  “Violence, speed, Momentum“.

Why Are People Banned From Reddit?

There are many reasons why someone might get banned from Reddit. One of the most common ways to get banned is to write offensive things on comments and/or post about them. 

Similarly, one of the most notorious ways that Reddit bans some users is the Shadowban. The site makes the content posted by the Shadowbanned user only visible to him/her and banned no the rest of the site which makes it seem like the user has not been banned but they do not know when they have been banned. 

One of the most serious things moderators on the site lookout for is if someone has posted the content that harasses or abuses another person, using racial, homophobic, body-shaming slurs, etc. 

If users get banned they can email the moderators or post a request to the official site and admins may reinstate your account. 

Dr Disrespect aka Herschel Beahm IV Was Banned From Twitch

The streamer has a persona online that may not be to everyone’s taste, he started his channel and made up a character that Herschel Beahm IV made up for his fans online. 

Herschel’s own statements have said that his persona is inspired by WWE characters and he wants the skit to be domineering. 

Due to this at times, he has been warned by his streaming platforms. He was first banned from Twitch after he entered a public bathroom while still filming and going live at the global E3 convention. 

This violated Twitch’s privacy laws and California’s penal Code laws which meant he had to banned from Twitch on June 11, 2019. His account was reinstated on June 25. 

Then again in 2020, a day after his account being reinstated, he was permanently banned from Twitch on June 26, 2020.

Some fans have speculated that he was banned for jokes he made about Chinese people. There were some rumors of being 

No comment has been made as to why the account was banned. Twitch has said that he acted in violation of their community guidelines but no official statement has been made. 

He has since moved on to YouTube and first streamed on 7 August 2020. According to the streamer’s own statement, he has also not been told the reason why he was banned. By 22 August 2020, his account had amassed more than 2.9 million followers. This has become his primary platform for gaming. 

He had more than 4 million followers making him one of the most popular streamers on the channel. 

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