Why Was JK Gam3rs Aka John Gillin Was Arrested? Jail Mugshot

JK Gamers Aka JK Gam3rs Was Arrested – What Did The GTA Streamer Do?

JK Gamers Aka JK Gam3rs Was Arrested – What Did The GTA Streamer Do?

JK Gam3rs aka John Gillin was arrested following the charges of paedophilia. See his jail mugshot. 

The whole gaming community is shocked since the arrest of JK Gam3rs on Thursday. He appeared as a harmless and fun YouTuber to many people.

However, his charges and sexual offence case are extremely serious. 

JK Gam3rs aka real name John Gillin was arrested for 9 counts of sexual assault against minors.

According to the official reports, the Bloomington police department has arrested popular YouTuber JK Gam3rs. His warrant was linked to the alleged criminal sexual assault of a juvenile.

Apparently, Gillin was handcuffed as the aftermath of a long investigation. The legal case first began after a complaint was filed against the gamer in 2019. 

A resident of Bloomington, Illinois, John was arrested around 1:10 p.m on August 19, 2021. He is reportedly being held at the McLean County Jail

JK Gam3rs is the age of 37 years old. 

JK Gam3rs circulating Jail Mugshot

Since his arrest, JK Gam3rs jail mugshot has gone viral all over the internet.

At first, John Gillin was being only called out as a Bloomington man. However, the gaming community was soon to identify him as the GTA player, JK Gam3rs.

A Twitter user wrote, “The GTA YouTuber @JKGam3rs is arrested for child abuse! I wasn’t expecting that… This is crazy and disgusting”. Similar, others have even started to make trolls and memes about the alleged sex offender. 

After his arrest, youtube was quick to take action. They have already removed JK Gam3rs’s channel with over 100k subscribers. 

Since its inception, JK Gam3rs earned a handsome net worth from his youtube. But, now officials have set his bond at $1 million USD. Furthermore, JK must submit at least $100,000 USD to be released.

JK Gam3rs Wikipedia – Who is He?

Former YouTuber JK Gam3rs doesn’t have Wikipedia.

He used to stream games and other related content. But, his prime speciality was playing Grand Theft Auto.

On his private Twitter with over 1k followers, John calls himself “Dad and Patriotic American!”. However, we have limited details about JK Gam3rs’s wife and girlfriend right now.  

Maybe, Gillin’s partner might be maintaining privacy due to the legal case. Likewise, even the family members are lowkey right now.

On the other hand, the victim’s identification has been hidden as they are just juveniles. Furthermore, the full details are still on the way. 

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